GamingMetroidvaniaBlasphemous 2: All Guides Catalogue

    Blasphemous 2: All Guides Catalogue

    Blasphemous 2, the sequel to Blasphemous from The Game Kitchen, is an adventure platform game set in a brutal and dark world filled with multiple creatures. The story picks up right from where the first game stopped as this is a sequel. The player plays with the main character called The Penitent One. He is a knight whose single most important task is the prevention of the “Miracle” curse that can take over this new Kingdom. Along with many enemies, the game is filled with interesting NPCs, items, weapons, and much more. The side quests also add to the already heavy storyline, which never makes the game boring.

    Release Date23rd August 2023
    PlatformsPC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S.
    GenreAction, Adventure, Platform, Soulslike, Metroidvania
    Developed ByThe Game Kitchen
    Published ByTeam17

    This article will make your search hassle-free with all Blasphemous 2 guides covered by Retrology listed below. For easier access, all of these are categorized according to their type.

    Blasphemous 2 Weapons Guides

    In a world like Blasphemous 2, having weapons should be the first priority. From the start, you are given the choice of getting one weapon as you need to fight off against enemies from there. There are two additional weapons in the game and you can easily find these with the following guide. Each has its specific perks and uses, so it’s best to get them all.

    Blasphemous 2 Upgrades Guides

    With weapons, Health and Frevour are also important. What’s the use of amazing fighting skills if you can’t stand one attack? The game includes certain objects to collect for this purpose. In order to raise the player’s statistics, these items are provided to NPCs.

    Blasphemous 2 Quests Guides

    Adding to the main storyline are some quests in Blasphemous 2. These quests may not be entirely related to the main plot, but they may be required to accomplish in order to progress. Also, the fact that all of these give rewards in return is enough for you to attempt to complete them.

    Blasphemous 2 Items Guides

    Like other games, Blasphemous 2 also has a collection of items. If you know where to look, you can locate these items scattered over the map. They can be despatched to the right location or used most effectively once detected. The guides listed below will do just that by pointing you to the right place.

    This is everything on Blasphemous 2 that Retrology has covered yet.

    We’ll keep the article updated as we cover more Blasphemous 2 guides. If there are any topics you would like guides for, do let us know via the comment section. We’ve also written guide catalogs for Remnant 2 and Baldur’s Gate 3 so do check those out too.

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