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    Starfield Temple Eta Puzzle Solution Guide

    In Starfield, the Temple Eta puzzle is part of the much larger quest called Into the Unknown which comes after The Old Neighbourhood quest. You’ll be asked to talk to Vladimir after the latter-mentioned quest is completed, and it’ll trigger the Into the Unknown quest. Vladimir is a member of The Eye and can be found in its constellation station. Let’s dive into the Into the Unknown quest and learn how to solve the Temple Eta puzzle that comes during it.

    Once you talk to Vladimir, he’ll give you the task of finding Andreja, a member of his station. Once finished, you’ll have the option to go to visit Procyon III or Nira as both are part of this task. 

    Complete the first half of the quest

    Once you talk to Vladimir, he’ll give you the task of finding Andreja, a member of his station. Once finished, you’ll have the option to go to visit Procyon III or Nira. As both are part of this task, you can go to either of those in any order.

    For Procyon III, in Procyon A System, locate the mission marker on the map. You’ll need to go deeper into the site to find it. Once spotted, arrive at the location which is a cavern filled with Caelumite Ore. Search around for Artifact Zeta by mining in this area. 

    For Nira, in the Narion System, land at the Abandoned Mine and go towards the marker on the map. You’ll encounter some enemies along the way, so be prepared. Along the way, you’ll reach the Deep Cave and find Andreja there. From here, she’ll follow you back as a Companion. As you finally reach the mission marker, you’ll find the Artifact Iota here which needs to be mined from the cave.

    Temple Eta Puzzle

    Return to New Atlantis and talk to Matteo to complete this part of the quest. Once this whole ordeal is complete, go back to Vladimir and he’ll ask you to visit Procyon III again for another artifact.

    This time, you’ll land on Scanner Anomaly on this planet. Make sure you have a scanner beforehand as here you’ll need to pull it out and find the glitchy spaces. Follow these as marks and they’ll take you to Temple Eta.

    Once you enter, you’ll be in a room floating around with a giant spinning metal device in the middle. Here is the puzzle you need to solve. Look around the room for shining structures made up of stars concentrated in a single area. These are the points you need to locate and go through.

    Bundles of stars you need to go through: Temple Eta Puzzle

    These bundles appear randomly around the room so float through them quickly. They also disappear after a few seconds so make sure you are able to react. In total, you’ll need to go through seven of these subsequently.

    These may take you a few tries to get used to so good luck. Once done, you’ll get a Power, Anti-Gravity Field. After this, go back to Vladimir and you’ll get into a meeting. In this meeting, you’ll showcase this new power. As the meeting ends, the puzzle and quest, Into the Unknown will end.

    That is it for the Temple Eta puzzle guide. You can later encounter more Temples like this and complete the puzzles to get more powers as you progress in the storyline. Along with powers, you can also get a lot of money by selling contraband so learn how to Smuggle, Sell, and find them here.

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