GamingMetroidvaniaBlasphemous 2 Ornate Chalices Locations (Max Health)

    Blasphemous 2 Ornate Chalices Locations (Max Health)

    Blasphemous 2 is a Metroidvania game that lets players fight and engage in battle segments with various enemies on their way to completing their objectives. For these, players may require Weapons and support in health and this is how it can be achieved. There are a total of five Ornate Chalices in Blasphemous 2 which can be exchanged at a specific location for max health; and here are their locations.

    Location # 1 – Sacred Entombments

    Location of Chalice # 1 - Sacred Entombments

    The first ornate chalice can be found in Sacred Entombments. To get to it, you’ll need access to the bottom of the middle column here and that requires you to first lower the sand entirely, so you can touch ground. This is done while you deal with this area’s boss. Go down the column, avoiding the enemies on the way and especially the hand that comes out from the sand as you land.

    Location # 2 – Palace of the Embroideries

    Location of Chalice # 2 - Palace of the Embroideries

    For the second chalice, you’ll go to the far right of the map to the Palace of the Embroideries area. From the right end, jump and climb up the area, passing several platforms. Navigate until you reach a room with a pink orb at the far end of it. Pick it up and enemies will start pouring in. Defeat them and as the last one falls, you’ll get the chalice.

    Location # 3 – Sunken Cathedral

    Location of Chalice # 3 - Sunken Cathedral

    Left to the last location, go to Sunken Cathedral for the third chalice. You’ll need to unlock this region beforehand and then go here after a while to get this chalice. First, go to the left side and enter from there to lower the ladder. Then go through the Sea of Ink (the dark blue portion on the map) to the dungeon and go up the ladder. Turn right and go into the next room. Here you’ll find the pink orb and fight the enemies again. Once done, you’ll get the third chalice.

    Location # 4 – Streets of Wakes

    Location of Chalice # 4 - Streets of Wakes

    For the fourth chalice, you’ll need to gather some money, as it is required to be bought. Go to the Forlorn Patio region and find the Merchant there. Ask for the ornate chalice which would be for 6000 Tears of Atonement. Once purchased, you’ll possess the fourth out of the five ornate chalices.

    Location # 5 – Streets of Wakes

    Location of Chalice # 5 - Streets of Wakes

    The final chalice is the hardest to get as it involves many other tasks tied into it. Once you enter the room, you’ll be tasked with finding the five daughters of the bedridden gloomy women. The daughters are spread around the whole map so you’ll need to go look around for them.

    For each one, you’ll need to take and report back to the mother and once you do, you’ll need to get into battle with some enemies. So don’t let your guard down. Once the last daughter is found, go back to the lady and fight the enemies. As the last enemy dies, you’ll get the fifth and final chalice.

    Take Chalices to NPC

    NPC location

    The final step to get Max Health is to take all of these five Chalices to the NPC present in the City of Blessed Name. She appears as a large angelic type woman half sprouting from the ground. You can check the map and spot a red blood drop icon which shows her location. Go to her and interact with her. She will ask for items, so give them, and in return, you’ll get Max Health.

    This is all for the location and reward for Ornate Chalices in Blasphemous 2. Check out more guides here for other games you may like.

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