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    Guide to Blasphemous 2 Cesáreo’s Quest – All Wax Seed Locations

    Cesareo’s quest is one of the more mellow and easier ones in Blasphemous 2 similar to Unfinished Lulluby quest. This quest requires you to find six Wax Seeds scattered across the map and return them to the Cesáreo present in the Sacred Tower. To complete the Blasphemous 2 Cesáreo Quest, you need to find six Wax Seeds during the natural progression of the story and this guide will help you in locating all of them along with rewards.

    Location # 1 – City of Blessed Name

    For the first Wax Seed, you can easily purchase it from the arm merchant, Regina’s shop on the left side of the City of Blessed Name. You’ll need 12000 Tears of Atonement for one Wax Seed. This is quite the amount, so make sure to save up for it.

    Location # 2 – Labyrinth of Tides

    Next, go to the Labyrinth of Tides and stop at the northwest side of this area. You can determine the right space by looking at the map and finding the larger square. Starting from the right side, you would be able to see a blue orb on the left side but can’t reach it due to the barrier. You’ll need to go around the whole area up, left, and down to reach the blue orb. This blue orb is the Wax Seed.

    Location # 3 – Labyrinth of Tides

    Before you get to finding the Wax Seed, you’ll need to first defeat the boss in Severed Tower. Then go right and out of the Severed Tower to the Repose of the Silent One. As soon as you reach this area, you’ll meet the merchant in front of you. Talk to him and he’ll offer the Wax Seed for 6000 Tears of Atonement.

    If you somehow didn’t meet him there, then, look for him in the Crimson Rains. He lives there, and you can buy the seed from him there too.

    Location # 4 – Grilles and Ruin

    First, go to the area where Streets of Wakes connects with the Grilles and Ruin. On the former’s side, you’ll see angel holders as a prop to help you reach the right side. Once you go a little higher, you’ll notice a platform. Once on this platform, break the wall on your right with a strike. Go inside and pick up the Wax Seed in there in the form of a blue flame orb.

    Location # 5 – Aqueduct of the Costales

    Start by reaching the top platform straight ahead of the connection to the other area. In this area, stop once you reach the top platform in the first portion, which is the middle. From here, jump straight down and double jump back up, but this time stay towards the right wall. Here you’ll find a hidden platform with the blue orb aka Wax Seed.

    Location # 6 – Two Moons

    For this last Wax Seed, go to the lower portion of the Two Moons area. Starting from the leftmost fountain and going right, passing through the teleport point to the next screen. In this area, you’ll see a lot of enemies and a blue light along with a mirror. Air Dash through the blue light, then double jump from the mirror and land on the platform on the upper portion. You can avoid enemies if you want and reach the platform with a blue orb.


    Take all of these six Wax Seeds to Cesáreo in the Severed Tower. Once there, talk to him and give him all the seeds one by one. Once done, he’ll reward you with Remembrance of Cesáreo. You can take this to the City of Blessed Name and get The Selfless Father Altarpiece; which increases Frevour.

    And this is how you can complete Cesáreo’s Quest in Blasphemous 2. For more similar guides, check out our site and complete quests easily.

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