GamingStellar Blade has prevailed despite all the controversy

    Stellar Blade has prevailed despite all the controversy

    I grew up playing action games like Devil May Cry, Prince of Persia, and as such. I play games of all genres but when it comes to melee blade combat in any shape or form, I am all up for it. That is why it immediately caught my attention when the Stellar Blade was first announced. This was when the game wasn’t even called Stellar Blade but ‘Project Eve’. Stellar Blade didn’t just intrigue me but many other fellow gamers because of its character designs, environment, and the gameplay footage released.

    However, as we got nearer the release date and got to know more about the game, some mixed opinions were going around. First, Stellar Blade is a debut console game from a Korean studio called SHIFT UP Corporation which has largely made mobile games in the past. So, naturally, fans were worried that the game might not be up to the standard of other AAA games and might feature tons of micro-transactions just like it is a common practice in mobile games.

    Moreover, Stellar Blade ended up being rather controversial due to its overly sexualized character designs, particularly of the main character, Eve. Not only that, but the game features multiple outfits for the protagonist that make her look even sexier than she is. While we have already seen very sexualized characters in action games like Bayonetta, Chainsaw Lollipop, and NieR, when Stellar Blade did this, fans including me started to think of the game as a cheap copy of aforementioned titles. Another practice – making clones of other popular games without offering any originality – which is very common in the mobile gaming industry.

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    But now that Stellar Blade has been officially released, the game seems to have found its way despite all the controversy to be among the reputable list of PlayStation 5 exclusives. I haven’t played the game yet but have extensively read and watched the reviews of Stellar Blade, all of which recommend the game. At this moment, it boasts a Generally Favourable, 82 score on Metacritic while many other platforms have given ratings between 8 to 10.

    COGconnected says on Metacritic, “Stellar Blade stands out as one of the best action-adventure games of its generation. Its combat system is both deep and multilayered, ensuring that every encounter is an exhilarating experience. Offering a range of options, players can tackle enemies in several ways, be it through offensive maneuvers or defensive strategies. Whether opting to dodge, parry, or create distance, the choices are intuitively designed. Coupled with its captivating narrative and cinematic presentation, Stellar Blade is an essential exclusive.”

    Although the game still feels like something heavily inspired by other games, it still manages to carve its own personality through its over-the-top gameplay and enemies’ designs. It is unanimously agreed that Stellar Blade lacks in story-telling but very much makes it up when it comes to combat.

    Overall, Stellar Blade has been deemed successful and proved that debut AAA titles from mobile gaming studios can surpass people’s expectations and be considered a pretty solid game. Personally, I think the game is a bit too expensive for what it offers. I will wait for the time when the price goes lower than its original 70 USD price tag. One thing is clear though, that I will definitely try Stellar Blade out.

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    Talha Saqib
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