GamingMetroidvaniaSilver-Clad Crystal Shard Locations in Blasphemous 2

    Silver-Clad Crystal Shard Locations in Blasphemous 2

    In Blasphemous 2, there are several ways you can upgrade your health, which can be either by increasing the health meter or increasing the impact of Bile Flasks. For either of those, you’ll need to collect items and take them to a specific NPC. This guide will talk about the three Silver-Clad Crystal Shard locations you can find throughout the game. These crystals help in increasing the effect of Bile Flasks, so it is a good investment. Now let’s continue with the detailed guide from locations to the NPC.

    Locations # 1 – Palace of the Embroideries

    Locations # 1 of Silver-Clad Crystal

    For the first Silver-Clad Crystal Shard, you’ll need to be in the Palace of the Embroideries. Go to the upper right teleport and start the route from there. As there is no place to go up, immediately, run right and then go up using a double jump and mirrors placed there.

    As you land on the upper platform on the right side, keep going left until you reach the end of this area. A red orb would be in the last area, which is the crystal you are looking for.

    Locations # 2 – Elevated Temples

    Locations # 2 of Silver-Clad Crystal

    The second location of Silver-Clad Crystal is a little tricky to find due to the large area. Go to the large open room on the right side of Elevated Temples. You can access this area if you go straight east from the teleport and then stop where the stairs start in the big room. From this platform, go up and left using the mirror and angel holders until you spot a platform. This platform will have the blue orb on it, so land here to get this Silver-Clad Crystal.

    Locations # 3 – City of the Blessed Name

    Locations # 3 of Silver-Clad Crystal

    Beginning from the teleport point in the City of the Blessed Name, go left, and on the next screen, you’ll spot a ladder. Go up and locate an open window on your left. You have to go in and, for that, jump from your platform to it. Go inside, and you’ll find a blue orb in the middle of the room. This is where the second crystal is found.

    Take them to the Lady of Chalices

    Go right from the last Silver-Clad Crystal location and jump over the platform on the next screen. Now in this new area, go down the ladder and go in through the door present at the southmost part. The NPC you are looking for is inside here.

    Once you get all three Silver-Clad Crystal Shards, you’ll need to take them to the same NPC Our Lady of the Chalices who gives you health in exchange for Ornate Chalices. She could be in the skin and bone form, but it’s still her. Interact with her and offer her the Silver-Clad Crystal Shards.

    You can also give her Empty Receptacle which in return provides you with an additional Bile Flask. However, this is it for this guide for three locations of Silver-Clad Crystal Shard along with their usage.

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