GamingMetroidvaniaBlasphemous 2 Weapons Locations (3/3)

    Blasphemous 2 Weapons Locations (3/3)

    In Blasphemous 2, the player gets to choose between three weapons that can be found on the map. You start with any one of these three based on your choice. But then you have to find the other two yourselves. They are not easy to find, as to reach them you need to go through a specific path and find a stone structure in the room to confirm you’ll get the weapon. There are 3 weapons in total that you can find; a Mace, Sword, and Rapier and Dagger as a pair. If you want to find all of these weapons, here is a guide for all the locations of weapons in Blasphemous 2.


    The Veredicto is a mace that deals heavy damage, which in turn makes it quite slow. It also requires the player to be still while the attack is charged. This is undoubtedly the most powerful of these all weapons. You can also use its charged attacks, which deal more than usual damage in one go.

    In the part of Sacred Entombments, keep going left until you reach a castle-like entrance. Enter the door and you’ll be inside this castle. Go to the next screen, and you’ll find a rocky structure in the middle. Go up to it and the animation will start followed by a “New Weapon Gained” screen indicating you got the first weapon.

    Sarmiento and Centella

    This pair of Dagger and Rapier is best for assassin-like players. This weapon is the weakest in damage but if used correctly, can kill and injure the enemy easily. It is not beginner-friendly due to its low damage and range, but for the ones who have experience and can predict where the enemies will be to get a strike or two. Another positive aspect is that it is fast, which makes it easy for the player to move around after an attack.

    To find the Sarmiento and Centella pair, you’ll need to go to the Palace of Embroideries. Go right from the Prie-Dieu and search for a chandelier that looks rough. Jump on it which will cause it to shatter and take you with it down. You’ll fall into a pit, which will have both ways for you to go. Choose the right side and go to the next screen. Here; you’ll find the rocky statue in the form of a heart and the pair of weapons stuck on it.

    Ruego Al Alba

    If you like to play with a sword, then Ruego Al Alba is your pick. It is a medium weapon in every way with medium range, damage, and speed. It is best for beginners who are still learning to use weapons and navigate around to explore.

    Keep going right through the Choir of Thorns path until you reach the Crown of Towers. Continue onward, in this area to the right, until you reach the platforms that are placed to let you go towards the upper portion on the right side. Once you reach the area with a rock statue of hands and a sword stuck on it, you’ll know this is the right place. Go in front of it to claim the sword weapon, Ruego Al Alba.

    That is all for the locations of the weapons for Blasphemous 2. If you have any further questions, do ask in the comments below.

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