GamingMetroidvaniaBlasphemous 2 Forgotten Tribute Locations Guide (3/3)

    Blasphemous 2 Forgotten Tribute Locations Guide (3/3)

    In Blasphemous 2, there is a separate currency other than Tears of Atonement. This currency is in the form of coins and is known as Forgotten Tribute. This unique coin is used specifically as a payment for processions that teleport you to new locations at night. There are a total of three locations where you can find them, as these coins are rare. This guide will help you collect all three of Forgotten Tribute in Blasphemous 2 so you can use them to access special areas.

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    Location # 1 – Sea of Ink

    Just by the end of the Profundo Lamento area on the left, you’ll find a lift before this last screen. Get in it to reach a new area below you called Sea of Ink. Turn left and run until you reach the end. Here you’ll find the first Forgotten Tribute.

    Location # 2 – Sacred Entombments

    In the Sacred Entombments, go up the long column filled with stairs in the middle. Before reaching the top, make sure to ring the bell present halfway to open the door. Once you reach the top, the door to your right would be one to pass through. In the next area, ring the bell again to open the door. This bell will also reveal the platforms to your right. Work fast here and climb up all the platforms as they are temporary. After a few steps, you’ll see the mirror statues. Use them to reach the small platform attached to the right wall. The Forgotten Tribute is present here.

    Location # 3 – Labyrinth of Tides

    This location is a bit tricky as there is no specific marker to know how to reach the specific location. In the Labyrinth of Tides, look for the area with a lot of platforms clustered together in a bog room. These would be on the lower left side of the area. From here, look for a small platform by the wall, not big enough to be a usual platform. Jump here and a secret area will be revealed containing the last tribute.

    NPC and Use

    Forgotten Tribute can be used on an NPC named, Procession of Shadows present in Profundo Lamento. Talk to him and he’ll ask for a Forgotten Tribute in exchange for teleporting you to a secret area. This secret area leads you to find an Abandoned Rosary Knot.

    That is all on the guide for three Forgotten Tribute locations in Blasphemous 2. Apart from these, you can find a lot more stuff like Ornate ChalicesWax Seeds, Silver-Clad Crystal Shards, etc.

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