About Retrology

Retrology was founded in 2021 and since then it has published content about multiple games, anime, films, and as such. Retrology specializes in writing “Gaming Guides”. Apart from that, there is plenty of coverage on News, Anime, Films, TV and more!

The goal of this website is to facilitate gamers throughout the world by providing them with quality gaming guides. Whether it’s a side quest, puzzle, boss battle, or achievement, Retrology specializes in all sorts of gaming guides.

How do we write gaming guides?

Retrology’s core values include transparency, trust, integrity, and expertise. The team of Retrology consists of passionate and experienced gamers who have been playing video games since childhood.

Before starting to write guides about a certain game, we make sure that we play and thoroughly understand the game’s mechanics. The content is written by an experienced gamer and writer and then later reviewed and edited by an even more experienced gamer and editor. 

Since we are a small team and have limited resources, sometimes we can’t afford to invest a lot of time and money in completing the game. In that case, we make sure that we rigorously read the game’s Wiki and other official resources to get a proper understanding of everything. We always give credit to any resource material used in our content.

We take content quality very seriously and therefore, every piece of content is checked for plagiarism, grammatical errors, contextual errors, and as such. Sometimes, mistakes still happen but we are always open to constructive criticism of our content and take swift action to correct our mistakes.

Who works at Retrology?

At Retrology, only experienced writers are hired. In the case of newbie writers, they are always trained first in the writing and editing process but they have to have experience in gaming or other categories.

A writer in Retrology only covers the categories in which he/she has significant interest and expertise. Similarly, the editor also has to be an expert in the topics he edits.

The complete active team of Retrology can be viewed via the Teams page.

What topics does Retrology cover?

Retrology mainly covers gaming guides. From Metroidvania to PvP to Soulslike to Roguelike, we cover all sorts of games. Other than that we also write content on:

All of the Retrology categories can be accessed from the navigation menu present on all pages.

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