About Retrology

Retrology was founded in 2021 and since then it has published content about multiple games, anime, films, and as such. We love to cover “Gaming Guides” but that’s not all as we have plenty of coverage on News, Anime, Films, TV, and more!

In essence, Retrology is mainly about sharing and talking about the fun stuff that we play, watch, or experience in general. Whether it’s fan art of our favorite characters, a trailer breakdown, or a solution to a difficult game quest, we like to cover all.

Our Values

Retrology’s core values include transparency, trust, integrity, and expertise. We take content quality very seriously and therefore, every piece of content is checked for plagiarism, grammatical errors, contextual errors, and as such. Sometimes, mistakes still happen but we are always open to constructive criticism of our content and take swift action to correct our mistakes. We also give credit to any resource material used in our content.

Who works at Retrology?

At Retrology, only experienced writers are hired. In the case of newbie writers, they are always trained first in the writing and editing process but they have to have experience in gaming or other categories.

A writer in Retrology only covers the categories in which he/she has significant interest and expertise. Similarly, the editor has also got to be an expert in the topics he edits.

The complete active team of Retrology can be viewed via the Teams page. If you want to work with us, be sure to follow our LinkedIn for potential openings.

The topics we write about

We like to write about gaming, anime, films, TV shows, and anything related to these. Except for celebrity stuff. Retrology is not a celebrity-oriented blog but is entertainment products-related. Following are our highlighted sub-categories:

All Retrology categories can be accessed from the navigation menu on all pages.

Retrology’s Social Profiles

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