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    How to lockpick in Starfield

    There are many instances in Starfield that require you to use digipicks to lockpick your way through. Lockpicking is used on a wide variety of items which makes it applicable to doors, chests, safes, or even stolen spaceships. The only thing you need to know before using digipick to lockpick is to understand how the task works. To save you the hassle of using the tries allowed to lockpick, this guide will guide you on lockpicking in Starfield.

    About Digipicks

    Short for Digitalized lockpick, Digipick is the item you need to perform lockpicking. It looks like a tube similar to a camera lens. They are not hard to find as they can be found abundantly lying around different areas. Even if you don’t find them, you can buy them for 35 credits at vendors. Digipicks can be used to unlock any level of lock, as level or rank doesn’t affect it.

    How to lockpick?

    As soon as you connect the digipick to a lock, you’ll encounter a screen with a circle. This circle will be in two colors, white and grey. On your right, you’ll also get a few circles with positions of marks differentiating on each one. At the beginner level, there are four circles with marks on them, and they increase as the lock becomes more advanced.

    Your job here is to match these marks to the marks on the digipick. You first have to go through the first circle to reach the second one. Lodge these marks according to the spaces provided by moving them around until they match. Once the outer circle is done, do the same for the smaller circle. Moreover, you can move between the circles present on your right to select the right one.

    Once the gaps are filled on both circles, the lockpick will open, revealing the locked area or item available to get.

    Basic Lock

    The basic lock will have two circles with four options used to complete them. The marks are all matchable to the digipick. One way or another, all of them will lodge in to complete the circle.

    Advanced Lock

    For advanced-level locks, you’ll have the same two circles, but the choices on your right would be more than standard four. Out of these, not all of them are applicable. Some will fit, while others won’t. This brings in the process of elimination as you have to choose and select the ones that complete the circles in the lock.

    Security: Tech Skill

    Security is a tech skill that allows the player to unlock advanced locks according to the rank they gain. As Digipicks can only open locks on basic levels, you need Security skills to lockpick advanced-level locks.

    With each rank, you progress up in the level of locks you can lockpick.

    1Hack and open Advanced Level Locks. 2
    2Hack and open Expert Level Locks. The rings turn blue as right marks are lodged.3
    3Hack and open Master Level Locks.4
    4Hack and open Advanced Level Locks.5

    And that is how you can lockpick your way through the area of Starfield. If you like fun stuff like this, you can check out the Almagest Jackpot guide and make some easy bucks. Gook luck with lockpicking.

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