GamingSoulslikeRemnant 2: All Guides Catalogue

    Remnant 2: All Guides Catalogue

    Developed by Gunfire Games, Remnant 2 has received much love from the gaming community and continues to do so. The game is readily inspired by Soulslike video games and is known for its daunting creatures. Surprisingly, this does seem to be one of the most unique selling points of the game. Remnant 2 also allows you to play with up to two friends as you make your way to the depths of the unknown. There are numerous worlds that you get to explore along with different quests, weapons, archetypes, and much more.

    Nevertheless, inside these depths, there are many instances where players might be in need of some guidance. So here we have a Remnant 2 Guides Catalogue that will indeed become a go-to for many players to come.

    Release Date25th July 2023
    PlatformsPlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox Series X/S
    GenreSoulslike, Role-playing, Third-Person Shooter, Action, Adventure
    Developed ByGunfire Games
    Published ByGearbox Publishing

    Remnant 2 Weapons Guides

    Considering the fact that how cool yet difficult enemies you will get to face in Remnant 2, having a lethal set of weapons is truly necessary. Some of these weapons in Remnant 2 also have different mods. Those allow players to have some additional buffs and attacks. From increased strength to healing abilities, from increased areas of attack to some supernatural attacks they have it all. These mods can become really lethal, so it is always recommended to go for the best ones.

    Remnant 2 Archetypes Guides

    Being a part of a specific class, or you can say the Archetype will define your true gaming style. That’s is because almost everything from skills to perks varies from class to class. So it’s always better to keep on unlocking and trying out. Keep it up until you find the one that suits you best.

    Remnant 2 Puzzles Guides

    On your journey to save reality from evil, you will come across some puzzles that will definitely keep your head moving for a while. Be it when solving some of the quests, getting traits, or maybe while unlocking a new weapon, these puzzles are a must to solve.

    Remnant 2 Relics Guide

    While exploring the world you will eventually come across Relics, an item or you can say a consumable that provides you different kinds of heal or maybe just another bonus in the game. Players can equip these Relics like any other item and can only use them for a limited number of times. Usually, players will be able to use a relic up to three times, however, it’s possible to increase it by upgrading your relics.

    That is so far everything that has been covered about the Remnant 2, yet!

    We will be updating the catalogue whenever a new guide comes so be sure to keep an eye in case you’re looking for more. Do let us know in the comment section below if there is any specific guide that you want us to cover. Until then, consider enjoying our latest content at the home page and we’ll see you in the next one.

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