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    Guide to all Blasphemous 2 Sister locations

    In a game like Blasphemous 2, players get to complete a load of tasks to get rewards in return which sometimes include killing enemies or just finding a number of items like Ornate Chalices for Max health. Another similar task is finding the locations of Sisters in Blasphemous 2 and this guide will reveal all of these.

    Make sure to go in a specific order, as some areas will open as the story progresses. If you want to do it in any other order, you can visit the sites later to find sisters.

    Location # 1 – Sacred Entombments

    In the portion of Sacred Entombments, go down until you reach a lone area. This screen will have walls on its three sides with an opening on top for you to fall in. Turn towards the left wall and use your weapon to reveal a hidden space. Here you’ll find the first sister.

    Location # 2 – Grilles and Ruin

    From the City of Blessed Name, keep going right and up until you reach double ladders. Go up these ladders until you reach the screen with the only way towards the right of the ladder. Jump on the left side and slash the wall. This will reveal the location of the second sister.

    Location # 3 – Mother of Mothers

    Go down and right in the Mother of Mothers area until you reach the ladder going down. Don’t go down the ladder and break the candleholder to reveal space. The third sister is in this space.

    Location # 4 – Palace of the Embroideries

    Keep going right until you are just by the point where the Palace of Embroideries meets with the Choir of Thorns long fall. Climb up the broken set of stairs where you’ll see a crate. Break this crate to reveal an enemy. Kill him and then slash again in this area. A new room with another crate will appear. Go forward and you’ll see a drop-down. Go down and you’ll see sister in it.

    Location # 5 – Choir of Thorns

    For this location, you’ll need to have the double-jump skill. If you have it, proceed with these directions. From the edge of the dropdown, attack the upper wall to reveal the open space. Double jump you until you reach a platform. Here you’ll find the sister sitting down.

    Location # 6 – Sacred Entombments

    Starting from the far-left side of Sacred Entombments, jump up to one platform with just a landing space. Then jump up again towards the left and break the wall. The sixth sister is found here. (On the same platform you can find Rosary Knot.)

    Location # 7 – Repose of the Silent One

    Go to Repose of the Silent One location through the path connected to the Severed Tower. From the first straight path, jump down to the platform on the right. Break the wall on your right and find the sister in there.

    Location # 8 – Choir of Thorns

    Go left from the Crown of Towers and reach the Choir of Thorns area. On the first drop, go down once, then again on the next one until you reach the area with crumbling two platforms. Rush through the blue chain barrier and slash at the wall next to the steps to find the sister.

    Location # 9 – The Severed Tower

    Start from the topmost level of the Severed Tower. Keep going right from here until you reach the blue chain barrier with a candle on its other side. Rush in and break the candle to reveal the sister’s location.


    Once all of these sisters are found, go to the City of the Blessed Name. In here, talk to the tallest Sister in the room, and you’ll get the option of using 12500 Tears of Atonement. In return, she’ll give you Cobijada Mayor. This is a collective figure that automatically regenerates health.

    Blasphemous 2 allows you to get rewards for multiple number of Sister locations you can access. You can go to this area at any other point to get the following rewards.

    2 SistersTeleport to City of the Blessed Name from any place1500 Tears
    4 SistersResting will restore your fervour and health3000 Tears
    6 SistersFast-travel to any activated area6000 Tears
    Teleport to the City of the Blessed Name from any placeCobijada Mayor12,500 Tears

    That is all for the all locations you can find Sister in Blasphemous 2. You can find more content related to this game on this site, so keep searching.

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