GamingMetroidvaniaGuide to all Blasphemous 2 Unfinished Lullaby locations

    Guide to all Blasphemous 2 Unfinished Lullaby locations

    Blasphemous 2 has a number of NPCs with each of them having specific items or quests related to them. These items or quests in turn yield the player with valuables, like “Prayer” in this case. Prayers are the special attacks, and their strength depends on the amount of Fervour used. This guide will help you get a specific prayer by locating all five of the Unfinished Lullaby in Blasphemous 2 along with what to do with them.

    Location # 1 – Sacred Entombments

    Start from the path from the shop/merchant in the topmost part of the Sacred Entombments, and go down to the cave-like area. From here, go to the right and spot a prop mirror there. Break the mirror and this will reveal a hidden room. You’ll find an Unfinished Lullaby here.

    Location # 2 – Crown of Towers

    Go north in the Crown of Towers until you spot a bell. Ring this bell and run left to pull the bell string present on this side. Now jump all the way down until you reach the mirrors that help you jump on your left. Jump up towards the platform and you’ll get the next Unfinished Lullaby here.

    Location # 3 – Crown of Towers

    Go left from the last location and get on the lift. Once the lift stops, go to the next connecting lift. From this lift, you can see the blue orb which is Unfinished Lullaby. Get off the lift and jump up with assistance from the left wall. Go to the platform you saw before and pick up the blue orb.

    Location # 4 – Basilica of Absent Faces

    Over the Crown of Towers is the location for the next Unfinished Lullaby. Go to the screen where you can teleport around four different sides in Basilica of Absent Faces. Here, take the lower right side to the next area. On this screen, you can see Unfinished Lullaby in the far right corner.

    Location # 5 – The Severed Tower

    For this Unfinished Lullaby, go to the large square room in the Severed Tower. In this room, you’ll need to navigate around by using different props. Go up from the angel holders, dash through the blue chain, and climb up the walls to get to the blue orb on the upper left side of the room.

    Complete the Lullaby Mother Quest

    Now that you have all the Unfinished Lullaby, go to the NPC in the Profundo Lamento. This NPC is a large lady-like creature clad in black called Lullaby Mother. Once you talk to her, you’ll need to complete her challenge, which is basic running, jumping, and killing enemies without getting caught up in the approaching wall behind you. Once finished, you’ll get Teinto to your Thorned Hairs Prayer as a reward.

    That is all for the guide to locating all Unfinished Lullaby in Blasphemous 2 and getting a unique reward.

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