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    Tekken 8 Season 1 to add a new chapter to the main story

    Bandai Namco has just announced new updates coming in the Season 1 of Tekken 8. The news has come with a new trailer showcasing all the new stuff I will mention in just a second. Tekken 8 was released on multiple platforms on January 25th, 2024, and has already rolled out a DLC playable character, Eddy Gordo, as part of the Spring Season 1 update. Eddy was available in the main game in April this year. Now the upcoming Summer update Tekken 8 Season 1 brings forth new stuff.

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    Tekken 8 Season 1 Summer Update

    The first thing that has caught my attention is that this update will add a new chapter to the story mode. We only saw a glimpse of that story mode where it seemed that Eddy had a major involvement alongside characters like Jin, Nina, and more.

    The Summer update of Tekken 8 Season 1 will also add a new stage to the roster called Seaside Resort which as the name suggests features a beach. Not only that but a Battle Balance update and some Free Updates are also announced.

    With the new update that is slated to come out this fall, the players will also be able to use Photo Mode in the game to capture screenshots of their liking.

    Last, but certainly not least, Season 1 of Tekken 8 also brings back Lidia Sobieska from the previous Tekken as a purchasable character just like Eddy. We are not sure if she will be part of the new story chapter or not but just seeing her coming back is exciting enough.

    For those who don’t know, the following is Lidia Sobieska’s official bio:

    “Lidia has always been an upright and resolute woman. She believes that justice requires absolute power, which is why she has shown great interest in karate from a very young age. The loss of her father stoked her interest in the family tradition of politics. Lidia showed great qualities in both areas, entering and winning her first karate world championship at 18, and more recently being one of the youngest rising stars in the Polish political arena. The war started by the Mishima Zaibatsu is greatly affecting Poland and she is committed to settle the situation with her own fists.”Source: Tekken Website via Fandom

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