GamingMetroidvaniaFinding all Blasphemous 2 Daughter Locations

    Finding all Blasphemous 2 Daughter Locations

    Many quests in Blasphemous 2 are interlinked, and completing one can kick-start some others. This quest of finding daughters is also one of those, so you can find these during other quests. Here is a guide to all five Daughter locations in Blasphemous 2 which can be found scattered around the map. To make sure you have found a Daughter, go near their beds and put out the candle near them.

    Location # 1 – Grilles and Ruin

    Starting from the City of Blessed Name, go straight ahead towards the Grilles and Ruin. Here, keep going right until you reach the area where you need to go downward. You’ll be surrounded by stairs here. Jump up and, using the chains, go towards the northeast side until you reach a platform there. You’ll need to use double jump a lot here, so make sure you have the ability. Go to the next screen from this platform and you’ll find a Daughter.

    Location # 2 – Crown of Towers

    Use the lift to reach the top right corner of the Crown of Towers area. From there, keep double-jumping up on platforms. Keep sticking to the right side while going up. Once you reach the top, you’ll spot the blue chain on your left. Air dash through it to land on the other side. Go left to the next screen and you’ll find the daughter there.

    Location # 3 – Basilica of Absent Faces

    This location is a bit tricky and demands you to act fast. First, go up towards the last square of this area. Once here, jump up the platforms on the right side and jump up until you reach the angel holders. Use them to cross the blue chain with Air Dash and hold onto the other angels on the left side. Now go up and air dash towards the right again to ring the bell. Fall down and then go through the first blue chain and pass the screen from the left side to get to the daughter.

    Location # 4 – Elevated Temples

    For the Elevated Temple location, go to the leftmost area with ladders. Here, go up to the highest level and pull the platform up, so it opens the blocked area on the right of the middle platform. Go down and turn right to find the fourth daughter.

    After finding the fourth daughter, go back to the lady and complete the challenge by fighting. Once done, you’ll get an Ornate Chalice which is part of another quest.

    Location # 5 – Sunken Cathedral

    This is the last one on this list and is the hardest to get to. The location is easy but to access it you need to try harder. First start from Severed Tower one platform above Prie Dieu. Here break the wall on your right and enter the secret passage. Here ring the bell to open the gate to the Sunken Cathedral. Jump using different props to reach the right wall and strike the bell to open the door on the left side. Be careful as this area contains a lot of foes. Once all of them are dealt with, go to the open area and find the last daughter there.


    For each daughter you find, you’ll need to go to the lady present in the Streets of Wakes. Once you report back about finding each of the daughters one by one, you’ll need to engage in a battle. After the last enemy dies, you will get rewards.

    No. of DaughterReward
    Daughter 1Tirso Altarpiece
    Daughter 2The Thirst Altarpiece
    Daughter 3Empty Receptacle
    Daughter 4Ornate Chalice
    Daughter 5Lebeche AltarpieceHouse of Grief and Hatered Trophy

    And with that, you’ve completed the quest by finding the Daughter Locations in Blasphemous 2. Make sure to check out other quests like Guide to all Sister locations, which are similar in nature.

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