GamingMetroidvaniaBlasphemous 2 Max Fervour Guide (5/5 Fervent Kiss)

    Blasphemous 2 Max Fervour Guide (5/5 Fervent Kiss)

    Along with health, fervour is also needed for successful gameplay in Blasphemous 2. Fortunately, just like you can increase your health, you can also acquire max Fervour by collecting items and taking them to a specific NPC that will grant you an increased Fervour. If you want to learn how to get Max Fervour in Blasphemous 2, you need to collect Fervent Kiss and this guide will help you collect them.

    Location # 1 – Palace of the Embroideries

    Towards the right side of the Palace of the Embroideries, where the Choir of Thorns connects, find the double mirror over a wide gap. Jump across this wide area by using the mirrors and go to the next screen with two tables and chandeliers. Here you’ll find a red orb in the middle. Pick it up, and few enemies will appear. Kill them, and you’ll be notified that you’ve gotten the Fervent Kiss.

    Location # 2 – Elevated Temple

    Start from the room with a big statue with hands and weapons that is on the upper part of the Elevated Temple where the drop is near. Go left from the room and you’ll see another hand stature here. Go left again, and you’ll come across the screen with two ladders in it. Don’t use them and go towards the left ladder and jump down. Stay by the right wall on this drop and you’ll land on a platform. This is where the Fervent Kiss will be.

    If you keep going by the wall and turn right before falling down, you’ll find a Rosary Knot at the end of this path.

    Location # 3 – Repose of the Silent One

    In the Repose of the Silent One, go towards the left side that has two ways splitting from it, with one ending in a dead end and the other connecting with the Severed Tower. Go for the upper one that connects to other areas and on this path, you’ll find the Fervent Kiss. Going a little further, you can find a lost Sister here.

    Location # 4 – Streets of Wakes

    For this Fervent Kiss, go to the left side of Streets of Wakes which is a wide room with statues and mirrors. The task requires you to work quickly. Make sure you have Double jump and Air Dash abilities so you can complete this part.

    First, jump up and get on the statue on a platform. Interact with it to pull the mirror towards the leftmost side. Now jump towards the mirror near this platform and then air dash to the next mirror you just pulled to the left.

    Jump again towards it and then double jump to the platform attached to the right wall. You’ll need to be quick here and can hand onto the platform if you are close to falling. And now you have the Fervent Kiss present here.

    Location # 5 – Two Moons

    This last Fervent Kiss is a bit tedious to get to, so prepare yourself for running around. First, go to the fountain in Two Moons which will teleport you to another area. This is located somewhere in the middle of this area and can be accessed after jumping up from where you jump from angels holding hooks.

    In this new location, go right and interact with the Statue to lift the platform up. Now go back left and teleport back to the fountain. From here, jump down where the angels are found and keep going left. Once you reach the ladder, stop and climb up. Go right and jump up and left towards the next fountain.

    As you are teleported, go up and left towards the outside area. Here, jump again and turn towards the right for a passage above the last one. On this path, keep going right until you reach the fall. Here go down and land on the platform. Now interact or break the hidden wall on your left and go in to get the Fervent Kiss.

    Go to NPC in Streets of Wakes

    In the Streets of Wakes, you’ll find a large hand in the lower portion. Go up to this NPC called Besamanos and offer a Fervent Kiss in return for increased Fervour. Every Fervent Kiss grants a little increase so you can use them all to get Max Fervour.

    You can find another NPC that is needed for finding Rosary knots. She can be found in the top right corner of this area.

    And now you have the highest level of Fervour you can get in Blasphemous 2 by using Fervent Kiss. You can check out more guides that can help you in other aspects of this game.

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