GamingMetroidvaniaFinding all Abandoned Rosary Knots in Blasphemous 2

    Finding all Abandoned Rosary Knots in Blasphemous 2

    Items in games help the players get some rewards in the shape of statistics, achievements, or simple upgrades like health or power-ups. One of the items in Blasphemous 2 that helps in this upgrade is an Abandoned Rosary Knot. The said item increases the number of slots for Rosary Beads, another item that increases The Pentinent One’s stats. Here are four locations where you can find the Rosary Knots in Blasphemous 2.

    Location # 1 – City of the Blessed Name

    Let’s start off with an easy find. Go to the City shop located at the rightmost end of the City of the Blessed Name. This shop can be spotted with a skull design sign over its door. Inside you’ll see a hand reaching out. Interact with it and get the Rosary Knot for 12000 Tears of Atonement.

    Location # 2 – Elevated Temple

    This Rosary Knot is found in the Elevated Temple region. Find the bells that activate platforms once struck. Out of them, you need to reach the one that comes in the next screen to the fire-breathing enemy. Struck it to generate platforms. Jump across them to reach the other side and the next screen. On this screen, go down the ladder and go left. Here you’ll find a Rosary Knot on the floor.

    Location # 3 – Sacred Entombments

    From the left-most flight of stairs, you’ll see a platform with just one space. Jump up until you reach the platform with a Rosary Knot on the ground and a wall on your left. Pick up the item to add one more to the collection. (If you break the wall, you can find one of the Sisters inside, which is part of another quest).

    Location # 4 – Profundo Lamento

    For this Rosary Knot, you first need to go to the Choir of Thorns and reach the topmost place in this area. From there, keep going left until you reach a large figure at the end, namely Procession of Shadows. Talk to it and it will tell you to hand him one Forgotten Tribute.

    Give it to him by agreeing, and he will transport you to another area called Profundo Lamento. In this area, run towards the right until you spot a Rosary Knot on the ground.

    Where to use these?

    From the last location, Profundo Lamento, keep going right until you reach the Streets of Wakes. Here, look in the upper right room and find an NPC dressed in blue clothes. Go up to her, and she’ll ask for the Abandoned Rosary Knot. This will in turn grant The Penitent One an extra Rosary Bead Slot.

    And this is it for this simple Abandoned Rosary Knots guide complete with locations and use. You can check more similar guides and complete more quests in Blasphemous 2.

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