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    Starfield The Old Neighbourhood Quest Guide

    As soon as you start the game Starfield, you encounter an introductory quest followed by The Old Neighbourhood quest. This quest requires you to track down the missing recruit from the vanguard and return them to the office. Once the first quest is finished, you can immediately start the “The Old Neighbourhood” quest as it is unlocked. To help you with completing this quest, this guide will help you in completing each and every task you need to complete in order.

    Trigger The Old Neighbourhood Quest

    As soon as the quest for Once Small Step concludes, you’ll have the option of starting The Old Neighbourhood quest. Of course, as Sarah says, you have the option to explore the New Atlantis before you begin. Once you are ready to begin, talk to Sarah again, and she’ll notify you of the Vanguard. Go to the MAST building, which will be marked on your map as a mission marker, and then speak to Commander John Tuala whom you will find on your left.

    You have to tell him that you are here for the constellation business. He will tell you the basic details about the recruit you need to find, named Moara. To find him, he’ll point you to head towards Mars, present in the Sol System, and right after that, you’ll get a notification of the quest beginning.

    Head to Mars, Cydonia

    Location of Mars, Cydonia

    Now go board the ship in the outskirts of the lodge and head to Mars in Sol system to progress. To reach Mars, you’ll need to do the Grav jump and reach the Sol System in seconds. Make sure you have bars full in the Grav meter of your ship to jump. As the jump completes, you’ll end up in front of Mars.

    Scan the planet and find the launchpad. Hover over it, and you’ll get the option to open the map. Once the map screen opens, you’ll find the Cydonia. Click on it to land in this small town.

    Talk to the Bartender, Jack

    Once you arrive at Mars, get out of the ship and find the quest marker on the map. To follow it, go straight ahead and then turn left at the first corner. This will take you inside a building. Here, keep going as the path takes you until you reach the door leading to the main order hub of Cydonia.

    Open the door and then go right into the Broken Spear Bar. Talk to the Bartender on the right and ask about Moara. He will only give little information and then will demand money. He claims that he will only tell you more if you pay him. Select the option where Sarah speaks as she can negotiate and lower the price from 2500 to 1000. Once the price is paid, you can now ask him about Moara. You also have the option to Persuade him which can help in asking for information. Either way, you’ll end up with basic information that tells us that Moara went to Venus.

    Travel to Venus

    Select Venues on the map to travel there. Once you arrive, Sarah will talk to you about Zealot Ships whom you need to avoid. First, lower all types of power to zero except the engine as you need it to move. Then locate the Satellite Beacon in front of you. With that in focus, move slowly towards it to avoid detection from Zealot ships. During this, you’ll hear Va’ruun Hymn talking and can be ignored as it has nothing to do with the quest here. But if you are interested in the story, do read the dialogues.

    As you reach closer to the Satellite Beacon, the Activate prompt will appear. Press it, and you’ll hear Moara talking on the radio about going to the Nova Galactic Staryard. This is now your next destination.

    Travel to Luna

    To find the Nova Galactic Staryard, travel to Luna which is Earth’s moon. This is also within the Sol system so can be accessed fast. Once you travel there, you’ll be notified of the Nova Galactic Staryard floating in front of you. Go near it and dock your spaceship to this satellite. If you don’t know how to do it, the game will give you a basic tutorial on how to do it for now.

    Once docked, go inside and open the latch above you. Then turn left and go inside. From there, take one left and then go straight ahead. Take left again from the sign that says Conference Room. This will take you to the Control room. Be careful here as many foes are present in this area.

    Go up the stairs and keep going inside the building as the path takes you inside the Workroom. Lockpick the next door in this area. Exit the building by going left from where two bodies down the stairs. Walk straight ahead until you reach the stairs going down to the base level. Now on the ground, walk up to the ship present in the middle and go up the stairs to go inside. Here on your left would be a table with a note on it. Interact with it to know it is by Moara. The quest marker will take you here too if you just follow it from the start.

    Travel to Neptune

    Open the note, which tells you that Moara is now headed towards Neptune. Now travel to Neptune. This is the last destination as we are close to finding Moara. Once there, you’ll be notified by Sarah about the spaceship floating around. Once you focus on it, you’ll hear Sarah tell you about the ship powering up its weapons. This will prompt you to fight through them to have access to Moara’s Ship.

    As you get closer, you’ll hear Moara telling us that his ship is hijacked, and he is not fighting but the enemies who have taken over. You have to shoot down the ship here and aim for the engines to do so. Once done, dock your ship to Moara’s ship and board it.

    Once you board it, you’ll encounter a series of enemies so be prepared. Defeat them one by one as they come in your way as you progress further in the ship. Once done, go towards the cockpit of the ship and you’ll find Moara there. Talk to him and ask about the artifact. He hands over the artifact easily which is what you need to do. You’ll find the artifact behind him so go there and pick it up.

    Return to the Lodge

    Now with Moara saved and the artifact in hand, the only thing left to do is head back to Lodge. Travel to New Atlantis Jamison and land in the Lodge. Put the artifact in the artifact collection to complete the Old Neighbourhood quest in Startfield.

    Once done, you can open up three missions. Each can be done on their own with no specific order.

    • Into the Unknown
    • The Empty Nest
    • Back to Vectera.

    And that is it for The Old Neighbourhood quest. There are many other guides we’ve covered which include quests to get legendary items like the Mantis suit, contraband, and stealing ships. So, be sure to check out those as well.

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