GamingTop desert games that you should try

    Top desert games that you should try

    I would start this article by saying I love deserts. I have always loved these even though I have only been to an actual desert just once. There’s just something about them that I can’t put into words. You know what else I love? Video games. Now, if these are combined then that makes a total worthwhile experience for me. For those gamers out there, if you are also interested in desert-based games, this is the right article to read. I have compiled a list of top desert games that you should try.


    Before we begin, let’s establish what games would make it into this list. I have only mentioned those games here that are either entirely desert-based or have a major chunk of gameplay in this setting. Sandy regions of otherwise non-desert-based games are not considered.

    Assassin’s Creed Origins

    This list couldn’t have been started with a better desert game. Assassin’s Creed Origins has it all. From dunes to oases to pyramids, Origins masterfully showcases the beauty of Egyptian deserts. The game includes multiple areas and the interesting part is that they all feel unique to each other. In general, Origins is not just a great desert game but also a great game. You can check the complete article about my thoughts on Assassin’s Creed Origins.

    Mad Max

    Mad Max is another game that deserves praise for being very atmospheric. The game did a great job of adapting the source material. Back in the days, when I played Mad Max, I was instantly hooked and was awestruck by the environment the game provided. The sandy regions of this scale are not very common in video games. Therefore, Mad Max is still relevant to people who want a thrilling ride amid sandstorms and deserted lands.


    A game many deem a masterpiece, Journey is also heavily set in deserts. Journey is all about… well, you guessed it, Journey. There is no killing, shooting, and the general video game stuff instead it features an exceptional experience by allowing players to explore the gorgeous world while seeking answers to the game’s secrets. If you want to have a serene experience, in a beautiful desert setting with award-winning soundtracks, Journey is one hundred percent recommended.

    Fallout: New Vegas

    Set in the post-apocalyptic world, Fallout New Vegas is yet another game featuring deserted wastelands and all the dangers that come with it. New Vegas is a first-person-shooter story-driven game that puts the player in the shoes of a character known as the Courier. The game starts with a delivery going wrong which starts a chain of events resulting in a much larger conflict. Fallout New Vegas has received multiple awards and to this day, it is considered one hell of a game.


    Sable gives somewhat similar vibes to Journey as it also features deserts and exploration but it is a different experience. Being an open-world game, Sable includes puzzle-solving and platforming to progress in the storyline. Speaking of story, Sable follows the adventures of a young nomad girl who has to follow the tradition of finding an appropriate mask for her when coming of age. One of the most cool things in this game is that the player can explore the world on a hoverbike. If you want to take in some desert feel and do some adventure and exploration, Sable is the game.

    Atlas Fallen

    A relatively new title, Atlas Fallen also makes it into this list due to being a game set in sandy landscapes. This game might be the most action-oriented among all other titles on the list. The player gets to use sand-infused weapons able to use both normal and special attacks. That’s pretty standard in video games but what’s not is the aerial combat that Atlas Fallen features along with the gliding into the sand. Even with mixed receptions, Atlas Fallen offers a ton of thrilling experience.

    (Bonus) Dune: Awakening

    There is an upcoming desert game that I felt like adding to the list. Having just been announced, Dune: Awakening has garnered enough attention. The game is set in the world of Frank Herbert‘s Dune universe and features open-world MMO gameplay, crafting, building, and exploration. Not much is known about the game but given that it is set in the world of Dune, we can expect Arrakis, Fremen, Sandworms, and other stuff from both the books and movies.

    That’s all on top desert games. For more articles like this, keep visiting this website. You can also let me know your favorite desert-based games in the comments.

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