GamingMetroidvaniaGuide for all Empty Receptacle Locations in Blasphemous 2 (4/4)

    Guide for all Empty Receptacle Locations in Blasphemous 2 (4/4)

    Blasphemous 2 offers some upgrades for players regarding health, fervor, or other stuff related to the protagonist. But for each upgrade, you are required to collect the needed items and give them to a specific NPC. ‘Empty Receptacle’ is one of those items, and it increases the number of Bile Flask a player has. There are four Empty Receptacle Locations in Blasphemous 2 so let’s cover them all in this guide.

    Location # 1 – Profundo Lamento

    Empty Receptacle # 2 - Profundo Lamento

    You have two ways to reach the location of Empty Receptacle. You can either go through the Ravine of High Stones and go right until you reach Profundo Lamento. Or you can use the lift location in Profundo Lamento and go up and right towards the ladder. Either way, you’ll reach a screen with a platform and bell. Ring the bell to reveal the ladder, which will help you jump to the right side. As soon as you progress to the next screen, you’ll find the Empty Receptacle there. Once you pick it up, a battle will start. Kill all the enemies and you’ll obtain the item.

    Location # 2 – Elevated Temples

    Empty Receptacle # 2 - Elevated Temples

    There is a separate path going straight east, lower than the upper part. This path is not connected to other parts of the Elevated Temples except for one side. Keep going east until you reach the end of this path. You’ll notice a blue orb on the platform on the other side of the wall. Jump down and ring the bell to open the gate towards your right. Use the double jump and mirror stature present here to go up, and you’ll find the Empty Receptacle on the top.

    Location # 3 – Sacred Entombments

    Empty Receptacle # 3 Sacred Entombments

    From the side where Repose of the Silent one connects to the Sacred Entombments, go to the large square area. This area is middle of the Sacred Entombments area and can be seen on the map as a square room with no doors. On the left side of this area, you’ll notice a few stairs. Go down them and you’ll reach the area of the third Empty Receptacle. This one also requires you to fight some enemies before being rewarded with the item.

    Location # 4 – Streets of Wakes

    Empty Receptacle # 4 Streets of Wakes

    There is a lady in Streets of Wakes who asks for her daughters to be bought for her. For each daughter you take back to her, you get to fight some people and in return, get a reward. After the third daughter, you get Empty Receptacle as a reward from the lady.

    Increase the Bile Flask amount

    Take the Empty Receptacle to the NPC called Our Lady of the Chalices. You can use three items and ask for upgrades, which include Ornate Chalices, Silver-Clad Crystal Shards, and Empty Receptacles. For this guide, you’ll use the Empty Receptacle once she asks for items. This will increase the Bile Flask by one.

    And that is how you can find all the locations of four Empty Receptacles in Blasphemous 2. Do check out more guides and get more upgrades for smooth gameplay.

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