GamingRole-PlayingSPY x FAMILY game announced, features Anya as main character

    SPY x FAMILY game announced, features Anya as main character

    The beloved franchise of SPY X FAMILY is expanding by tapping into the realm of video gaming. This news was revealed through the Nintendo Direct live stream on Thursday, 14th September 2023. The SPY X FAMILY game is titled SPY X FAMILY: OPERATION MEMORIES and was created by Groove Box Japan and released by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

    SPY X FAMILY: OPERATION MEMORIES is a fun and cute adventure game where the players get to play as Anya. Anya Forger, the adoptive daughter of Loid and Yor Forger, is a telepath who joins the family as a part of a mission for Loid. She quickly won the hearts of many fans, which made her the fan favorite.

    Considering this, the game is based around Anya and her life activities. The player plays as Anya Forger and completes her everyday life which includes school, playing, and family time. Make exclusive memories to add as achievements in the game, so she can enjoy her life.

    The game includes various locations where the player can select to take Anya, along with some mini-games associated with those places. The customization option is also available, which lets players completely customize the character’s appearance and outfits according to the occasion.

    With so many memories to make, the game lets Anya treasure the memories by snapping pictures and collecting them. This is the main purpose of the game; collect memories in the form of pictures to add to the diary of Anya. If you find any situation or area memorable, just click a picture to help Anya preserve the precious moments with her.

    Release Date and Platforms

    There is no established date for the anticipated 2024 release of SPY X FAMILY: OPERATION MEMORIES. However, the confirmed platforms for this game’s release are PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4.

    As of now, there is limited information revealed, so let’s wait for what is left to come. Until then, check out these amazing fanart and cosplay of SPY X FAMILY characters, AnyaYor, and Loid Forger. For the game, a role-playing game that has the similar vibe is of this cute and soft aesthetic, called Calico.

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