GamingMetroidvaniaGuide to all Blasphemous 2 Sealed Envelope Locations and Solutions

    Guide to all Blasphemous 2 Sealed Envelope Locations and Solutions

    Developed by Team17, Blasphemous 2 is based on a complex story that includes some interesting NPCs and items. Coupled with hidden secrets left in the game for us to find, some quests serve as the catapult, and the Sealed Envelope quest is just that. This is in the form of one large quest, with each envelope leading to another. It requires you to complete the tasks and solve the riddles one after another in a specific order. This guide will give you details about locations and solutions of Sealed Envelope in Blasphemous 2 along with final rewards.

    Sealed Envelope # 1

    To start the quest, you first need to find the first sealed envelope. For this, go to Streets of Wakes and go to the big square room at the upper portion. You can check the map for the big square room or simply go to the next room from where you find the Fervent Kiss. Here, use the angel holder props and reach the hidden area on the platform on the right. Break this wall and go inside to get the first sealed envelope.

    Once you get each letter, make sure to read it to understand the riddle.

    Sealed Envelope # 2

    Teleport to the lower portion of the Two Moons, preferably the middle one so it is the closest to the solution; a large mirror. From the teleport, go right and drop down. Ring the bell here and then jump up using props like double jump or angel holders and go in the opening in the middle of the wall on your left. Here you’ll see a large mirror. Make sure you are visible in the mirror and kneel in front of it. This will give you the second sealed envelope.

    Sealed Envelope # 3

    According to the riddle on the second envelope, now you need to search for the next location, which is the middle area of the whole map. Travel or walk to the City of the Blessed Name and go towards the middle and wait in that frame. Don’t go on the platform by standing on the side and waiting. After a while, you’ll get the third envelope.

    Sealed Envelope # 4

    Go to the Mother of the Mothers area and you can do it by teleporting to the top one. From there come down until you see a path to your right. Proceed going right until you reach a broken bell sitting by the wall. Strike this broken bell a few times until the wall beside it breaks. The fourth sealed envelope would be inside this newly opened room.

    Sealed Envelope # 5

    This is the easiest stage, so just travel to the main city and look for the shop with a skull above it. This is the same shop from where you buy the Wax Seed and Abandoned Rosary Knots for other quests. Go to the rightmost area in this area, and you’ll easily spot it on this side. Cross the shop by passing it, coming back, and crossing it again. After a few walks, you’ll get the envelope. Open this last one to finish the puzzle.

    Final Solution and Location

    Once all the Sealed envelopes are collected, you’ll need to find a cliff overlooking the water. Go to Profundo Lamento and keep going left from the elevator. On the next screen, you will be on the cliff. To finish this quest, jump off this cliff, and you’ll be notified of the completion of the quest. Don’t worry as after the quest, you’ll respawn on the cliff.

    The rewards are Seguiriya of the Memory of Your Eyes Prayer which is a chant that “halts the passage of time for a few seconds” and A Leap Of Faith Trophy which is simply an achievement.

    That is all for the guide for Blasphemous 2 Sealed Envelope locations and their solutions. This seems like one big quest which can be tiring. If you want small quests, you can roam around and search for Fervent Kiss or Rosary Knots as you progress.

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