GamingFirst-Person ShooterStarfield: All Guides Catalogue

    Starfield: All Guides Catalogue

    One of the most awaited space games, Starfield, was finally released in 2023. According to Bethesda Games, it took them about 25 years to completely make and perfect the game to finally release it to the public. Starfield is an FPS role-playing action-adventure game based in space. The player gets to explore space along with multiple planets present in it. The exploration and story continue to find and solve the mysteries of the space and future.

    Release Date6th September 2023
    PlatformsPC, Xbox Cloud gaming, Xbox Series X and Series S.
    GenreFirst-Person Shooter, Open world, Action role-playing game, Action-adventure game, Nonlinear gameplay
    Developed ByBethesda Game Studios
    Published ByBethesda Softworks

    Starfield Planet Traits Guides

    In Starfield, you encounter a lot of planets in space scattered all over the vast area. All of these planets have specific traits that help the player identify their flora and fauna, and the ecology of the planet. These Planet traits are important to find and can range from weird structures to vaguely similar structures to Earth. Just explore and find out.

    Starfield Quests Guides

    As Starfield has a bog storyline, there are many quests you need to complete to progress further. Sometimes, players encounter a puzzle that drives them into a slump. These guides are here to help you pass through those puzzles and quests like a breeze. The quests can be a way for the player to learn about the story, unlock new skills, or even get their hands on some good items.

    Starfield Jackpot Guides

    Since a lot of money is needed for ship upgrades, basic items armours, etc., players need to collect every penny they can find to get a smooth gameplay. To make this easy, Starfield has some Jackpots in the game hidden in specific areas. These jackpots are a good way to get easy money by doing the basic things.

    Starfield Basic Guides

    Apart from storyline, lore, and fighting, there is a lot more you need to learn that can help you in the game. These are the basic guides that can help you with tasks. These are not part of the quests but are used in each one as a basic skill. For example, lockpicking is used throughout the game, even multiple times in a single quest, which makes it highly important. Check out these guides to learn about them in detail.

    These are all the articles covered by Retrology so far. We will keep updating as more guides are written for Starfield. Meanwhile, you can check out these one-stop articles for Blasphemous 2Baldur’s Gate 3, and Remnant 2 to find the specific one you are looking for.

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