GamingFirst-Person ShooterStarfield Shipping Magnate Achievement Guide (5 Cargo Links Connections)

    Starfield Shipping Magnate Achievement Guide (5 Cargo Links Connections)

    Filled with planets, traveling, and cargo, Starfield has a lot for the players to do. Once the work becomes hectic, it is easier for players to use Cargo Links for shipping. You can put items to send or receive from either side of the link. This forms a connection for easier access and requires no fuel whatsoever. As this is already helpful, Starfield has an achievement called Shipping Magnate which requires you to put up 5 outposts for Cargo links and this guide will help you just that.


    There are no specific skills or rare items needed for this quest. This means you can do it as soon as you start the game.  You can buy all these materials easily from any Merchant shop you come across. Here is how much of each material you’ll need.

    MaterialsFor 1 OutpostFor 6 Outposts
    Aluminum x1272
    Beryllium x12212
    Iron x12020120
    Zero Wire x12212

    Building Outposts

    Outpost Beacon and Outpost Cargo Link

    Now to building outposts. Go to Jemison near the location of New Atlantis. This area is quite open and can be easy for building outposts. Once landed, open the Scanner and select the outpost building part. Here select the Outpost Beacon and place it in an open field with rather linear ground. Next, select the Outpost Cargo Link and place it near the beacon. This looks like a large square warehouse and can take up a lot of space. This will establish a singular no-connection Cargo Link. 

    Now run towards one side until you see a yellow boundary. This is the limit of the Cargo Link outpost. The limit tells you the areas within this cargo link, so the next one has to be placed away from here. Once you cross the yellow line, repeat the process stated above. Place the outpost beacon then the Cargo link.

    Connecting the Cargo Links

    Cargo Link Scanner

    Once done, go to the top of the cargo link outpost and interact with the yellow scanner on it. This will tell you the link is formed between the one you placed before and the one you are standing on. This forms one Cargo link, and you have to do this three times to form three cargo links. 

    This objective of forming three links is where the achievement is a bit confusing. The objective states to form a connection between 5 cargo links. But as each Cargo link can connect to one another, cargo link means that we need even number. For that, you need six outposts, which surpasses the 5 Cargo Link Outpost requirement. This can be considered a confusing statement, as you cannot form links between 5 outposts, which is why you need a sixth one to link the last fifth and complete the task.

    Once all six are connected to each other and three connections are formed, the Starfield Shipping Magnate achievement is complete.

    That’s all for this Shipping Magnate achievement and Cargo Links. Check out this guide for Mantis Quest and get cool rewards for this easy task.

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