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    Guide to Mantis Quest in Starfield

    Developed by Bethesda Game StudiosStarfield is an action-adventure FPS game filled with numerous quests and side quests. All these quests are somehow linked to one another and sometimes lead to side quests. With this rich storyline, it would be a shame if any of the side quests were left unexplored, so let’s dive into one of the easiest ones. This guide will help you with the Mantis side quest in Starfield which is a must due to its rewards.

    This is a side quest, so if you don’t want to follow it, you can avoid doing this altogether. However, it is better to complete this as the rewards are worth your time.

    Trigger the Mantis Quest 

    Trigger the Mantis Quest: Secret outpost notes

    To start the Mantis Quest, you’ll need to pursue the Old Neighbourhood storyline. During this storyline, you’ll scan the satellite and find the Nova Galactic Staryard where you need to find the notes about a Secret outpost. Once there, kill them and search their bodies for the notes labeled “Secret Outpost”. Get and read them, which will in turn trigger the Mantis quest.

    Land on Denebola I-B

    Denebola I-B

    The notes of Secret Outpost will reveal that the Mantis Dungeon is on Denebola I-B. Access the Denebola star system to find this moon. Once here, you’ll get to face a lot of enemies, so make sure you are loading before traveling. The only thing you need to do here, other than fighting numerous enemies, is to go down to the lowest point in this area. That point is the dungeon where the Mantis suit and Razorleaf are found.

    Letters Puzzle

    Letters Puzzle solution

    At the very start of the building, you’ll come across a room with a letter button on the ground. You’ll need to pass over the correct letters to reach the second door on the other side and unlock it. These buttons have multiple letters, so check for the correct one and then pass them over.

    The word you need to spell is T-Y-R-A-N-N-I-S. Once the correct letters are pressed, go up to the small node in front of the door and interact with it. The door will open, giving you access to the next stop.

    Reach the Last area

    After you go through the whole area by slashing the adversaries and navigating around, you’ll reach the last dungeon. This area is filled with scientific and mechanical stations surrounded by rocks. Go up to the station in the middle of the room and activate the Razorleaf Spaceship by interacting with the yellow panel facing toward the entrance.

    Rewards: Mantis Suit and Razorleaf Spaceship

    Now go back up the ledge from where you came from and turn right. Turn right again once you reach the dead end. Finally, turn left towards a square room with the Mantis Suit in the middle. For the spaceship, proceed towards the top floor and get on the Razorleaf. This is where you can claim it as your own as a reward.

    That is how you can get your hands on amazing rewards by competing in this easy Mantis Side Quest in Starfield. There are many other puzzles and rewards awaiting, so keep up with this journey or exploration.

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