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    Guide for stealing ships in Starfield

    Starfield is a game entirely functioning in space. With stations, offices, and different planets all in space, it is understandable that traveling is not easily possible. For this, there are many Spaceships present that help you move around. Apart from the ships of you and your allies, there are many other ships. These ships can be stolen easily and there are two ways for that. If you are interested in how to steal ships in Starfield, continue on and learn about how you can successfully get yourself a new ship.

    How to steal the ship

    Find an empty one

    The first way to steal ships is to find an empty ship on another base. These are not easy to find, but if you find a station, you can locate one quite easily. On new planets, look for ship stations. There, find a ship you want to steal.

    Get near the ship and locate the hatch. It’s mostly unlocked, but if not, you’ll need to unlock the hatch by lock-picking. For advanced locks, you may need a higher level, so choose the ship you can easily hack. Once done, be ready as there can be people on board that will obviously fight you. If you are lucky and encounter an empty ship, go straight to the Pilot seat and fly off.

    In this way, you can get your hands on one of the legendary ships, Razorleaf Spaceship by completing the Mantis quest.

    Shoot down an enemy ship

    The second way to steal a ship in Starfield is by shooting it down. Once you spot an enemy’s ship that you want to get your hands on, shoot it down. First lock on it and start shooting its different components. To lock the target, you first need to get close enough. As the distance becomes closer, approve the target and pull up the statistics.

    Look through the different parts and their levels. These will tell you about their health. Out of these, you need to bring the engine to zero, but for it, you need to slow down the ship first. So first hit other parts and bring its health down.

    When the health is down, go closer lock into it, and wait for the docking option. Once the option, appears, dock the ship by connecting both with a path. With this, access the other ship and kill the crew present there. They can be easily defeated, so you don’t need to worry much. And that is how you can get to steal the ship by force.

    What to do with stolen ships

    Once you have the ship, you can either sell the ship or keep it for your travels.

    Selling the ships

    If you plan to sell the ship, you’ll first need to license the ship to your name. Go to the City Port and find the Spaceship Technician. He will help you register the ship as your own. This will cost you a few bucks and varies for each ship.

    After registering, you can modify or sell the ship. Each ship has different values, and you can check it under the Sell tab in the shop.

    Keeping the ships

    The other option is to keep it for yourself. If you plan to keep the ship, you don’t have to worry about registering it. You can keep using it until you want to modify it.

    And with that, here is everything you need to know on how to steal ships in Starfield. We’ve also covered some more guides on Starfield so do check them out.

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