GamingFirst-Person ShooterGuide for getting Sentinel's UC Antixeno Spacesuit in Starfield

    Guide for getting Sentinel’s UC Antixeno Spacesuit in Starfield

    In Starfield, getting a Legendary Spacesuit is one of the top priorities of many players and after knowing their perks, it will be yours too. Spacesuits in Starfield are like armors, which is why they are important to find. As the game progresses and enemies become more aggressive, health needs to be stable and spacesuits help with that. Sentinel’s UC Antixeno Spacesuit is one of the Legendary Spacesuits and can be found quite easily. If you want to get your hands on this treasure, keep reading.

    How to get Sentinel’s Spacesuit

    To get this Spacesuit, you’ll first need to start the UC Vanguard quest, which is part of the storyline. In Jemison, talk to Commander John Taula. Select the option of “Okay. I’m game. Just tell me what I need to do next” and the UC Vanguard Mission will start. The commander will ask you to start the Hostile Intelligence Mission. This mission requires you to follow Major Hadrian Sanon. For this, you first need to go to her headquarters and talk to her to kickstart the mission.

    Now keep following this quest line and complete the United Colonies tasks until you reach Mission 8 of faction missions. In this mission, you’ll get the option of visiting an armory. This is an optional task but for this Armour, make sure you take up the offer and go to the armory.

    This armory is present under the stairs and sealed by a heavy door. Once you go inside, you’ll notice a lot of items on the table to your left. Go up to it and pick up the armor items. Beside the table, you’ll see two yellow boxes which also have some items included.

    Spacesuit items on table in Armoury

    You can pick it up and add it to your inventory. After this, you can continue your quests as it won’t affect any of that.

    About UC Antixeno Spacesuit

    Just like other spacesuits, the US Antixeno Spacesuit helps in securing the body by increasing armor and giving specific boast to traits needed in missions. The set is composed of the UC Antixeno Pack, UC Antixeno Spacesuit, and the UC Antixeno Space Helmet. The statistics of this spacesuit are as follows:


    As this Spacesuit is Legendary, it has three perks. These perks are:

    • Beast Hunter – Alien enemy attacks affect 15% less. 
    • Auto-Medic – When health goes below 25%, the Med pack is automatically used after every 60 seconds. 
    • Sentinel – If standing still, there is a 75% chance of getting half the damage affected.

    That is all about UC Antixeno Spacesuit and how to get it. You can also get the Mantis Spacesuit with Razorleaf Spaceship if you complete the Mantis Quest, so do check that out.

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