GamingFirst-Person ShooterAll Jemison Planet Traits Locations in Starfield

    All Jemison Planet Traits Locations in Starfield

    Starfield has a vast collection of planets that require to be explored and studied. For these planets, you have to detect the specific planet traits to determine their ecology. As an explorer, you come across various planets, with all of them waiting to be explored. One of these planets is Jemison which comes up early in the adventure. There are three types of planet traits you need to find for Jemison and here is a guide on how to locate them.

    About Jemison

    One of the first planets you come into contact with is Jemison. Jemison is named after a former NASA astronaut, Mae Carol Jemison, as a homage to her. This planet looks a lot like Earth, with many similar characteristics. It is located in the Alpha Centauri system and is one of the Settled planets. Jemison is also where New Atlantis, the capital of the United Colonies, is present making it an early access point in the game.

    Planet Traits

    Planet Traits

    To spot the planet’s traits, you’ll need to access the Unexplored Ecological Feature points and visit them to detect the anomaly. On the planet Jemison, the three planet traits you’ll find are

    • Sentient Microbial Colonies
    • Ecological Consortium
    • Global Glacier Recession

    Trait # 1 – Sentient Microbial Colonies

    Trait # 1 - Sentient Microbial Colonies

    Select the southmost (in the upper area) Unexplored Ecological Feature to find this trait. As soon as you are on the planet, look for a blue structure with branches going up like a weird flower. From the start point, go right until the path ends. Then turn left, and you’ll see a blue structure a little to the north. Go up to it to scan. This will be identified as a Sentient Microbial Colony which is the first trait once it is scanned.

    Trait # 2 – Ecological Consortium

    Trait # 2 - Ecological Consortium

    Go to the southeast Unexplored area and access it to reach the next area. This area will have some mountain-like structures accompanied by bone-like structures. These bone-like structures are the trait that needs scanning. Once scanned they’ll come up as Hive Structures, and you’ll get the second trait of Ecological Consortium.

    Trait # 3 – Global Glacier Recession

    Trait # 3 - Global Glacier Recession

    For the third trait, you’ll need to look for the Unexplored area below the square icons on the map. It is in the middle of some other points, so can be harder to pinpoint. If the area you end up in seems like a dusty area with rocks, it is the right place. Once there, go up to a large rock in the area and identify it as a Glacial Remnant. This will determine the third and last planet trait of Jemison.

    All of them can be located if you travel to the unnamed region and look for the anomaly by focusing on any structure that stands out. If you’re not sure where to look, you can use these instructions to get to the specific area.

    That’s how you can find all three required Jemison Planet Traits and add them to your record.

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