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    How to get Tranquil Heart in Remnant 2

    In Remnant 2Relics are useable items that can aid in health or give different boast to traits but in a limited number. They provide the players with something that is rare, so it’s cherished and used at the right time. You can use different relics to craft better or more useful versions to use. Similarly, the Tranquil Heart in Remnant 2 is the purer version of another relic, Tormented Heart. So in this guide, we will learn about both Tormented Heart and Tranquil Heart and where to get both.

    What is Tranquil Heart?

    The Tranquil Heart is a relic item that is the purified version of another relic called Tormented Heart. It has an appearance of a crystal encased softly within slim tendrils. The crystal beats as a sign of heart beating, as it helps in health regeneration.

    This relic is best for health as it gives 2+ points of Health regeneration per second. If used, it doubles its effect for 15 seconds. This can help you a lot in intense battles where you don’t have time to recover.

    Go to N’Erud, Seeker’s Rest

    Let’s start with the location. To get the tormented heart, you’ll need to go to N’Erud, Seeker’s Rest. It is possible that this location may not be available on the first try so you can reroll until you do. Complete the main quest and reach the tower in the Timeless Horizon area. In this area, you’ll need to look for the Override Pin

    Find Override Pin

    You can identify the tower by its icicle-like structure over the entrance with no door. For the Override Pin, follow these directions inside the tower:

    • Turn right at the start, and you’ll see a small passageway going down. 
    • Then take the lift that comes in the way on your left.
    • Take right again for the next passageway and keep going until you reach the lift.
    • Go straight ahead for the third lift that’ll take you down.
    • From there, go straight ahead, and you’ll find an orange glow, which is the Override Pin.
    • Also, be careful as there are many foes surrounding this area.

    Defeat Sha’Hala

    Your next stop is Sentinel’s Keep. This area will introduce you to the final boss of this area which can be triggered by a machine in this area. The boss, Sha’Hala also known as Spectral Guardian, is not an easy enemy. To defeat this boss, just focus on attacking the orb in its hand to get critical damage and end the fight early. 

    The Tormented Asylum

    After the boss battle, head over to the Tormented Asylum in the Morrow Parish area in Losomn. Here, go to the first doorway on your right and interact with the Nightweaver’s Web. Give the Override Pin to this web and in return, it will give you the Tormented Heart. Now, you’ll need to take this heart to Nimue’s Retreat.

    Travel to Nimue’s Retreat

    Lastly, you’ll need to travel to Losomn, Nimue’s Retreat, and talk to her. Choose the option “I’ll like to see what you have to craft” and select Tranquil Heart. And done, you’ll have the relic Tranquil Heart in your possession.

    Tips for this task

    Here are some tips you’ll need to know before you get into the process of getting Tormented Heart or Tranquil Heart in Remnant 2.

    • Make sure all of your quests in this area are complete to access the tower with an Override Pin in Timeless Horizon.
    • Don’t use the Override Pin for anything else other than giving it to the web. You can only find it once, so don’t use it elsewhere.

    That is all for this guide regarding Tranquil Heart in Remnant 2. Hopefully, this was helpful enough for you to achieve the Tormented and Tranquil heart. Do check out other guides for Remnant 2 like best Long Guns, best Handguns, and solving Council Tribunal Puzzle.

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