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    Remnant 2 Gunslinger Complete Guide

    In Remnant 2, you get to customize everything from appearance to weapons and archetypes, depending on what you prefer. Each of these comes with some special items or traits that you can achieve just by selecting the archetype. Gunslinger is one of these archetypes in Remnant 2 which is a DPS (Damage Per Second) class and focuses on ammo storage. Gunslinger looks like a rugged version of a cowboy with a cool appearance that is thanks to its armor. Let’s look at other aspects of Gunslinger provided that will help you understand this class.

    Gunslinger Trait: Ammo Reserves

    Every archetype has a selected trait that is beneficial for them and for Gunslinger, its Ammo Reserves. Ammo reserves increase the total ammo by 5%. It is unlocked when Gunslinger reaches level 10.

    Gunslinger Skills

    Quick Draw

    • Unlocked at: Automatically Unlocked
    • Cooldown: 38.4s

    Quick Draw is a gunslinger skill that increases the chance of getting a critical shot from the hip, It is best to use for enemies within the 25m range as it is for handguns. If you hold and then shoot, the shot can be much more powerful and accurate.


    • Unlocked at: Level 5
    • Cooldown: 76.8s

    Sidewinder is another skill only possessed by Gunslingers. Using this skill increases the ADS movement speed by 50%. It also keeps the next weapon to cycle reloaded under its effect.


    • Unlocked at: Level 10
    • Cooldown: 57.6s

    Bulletstorm increases the fire rate and reload speed for all weapons (except melee, of course). The fire rate is increased by 20% while the reload is increased by 50%. Additionally, Crossbows also get a 15% increase in critical hits and a 50% increase in Projectile speed.

    Gunslinger Default Armor

    Like every other archetype, Gunslinger also has a complete armor set called High Noon Set. High Noon Set is part of the Medium armor set lineup and will aid in 25% normal dodge on stamina cost. It excels in providing resistance against Fire and Shock in general.

    ArmourUseAppearanceSells for
    High Noon HatLow protection for the head. Increases resistance to Fire, Shock and Toxin.400 Scrap
    High Noon DudsModerate resistance to Fire, Shock. Low resistance against Blight. No resistance against Bleed and Toxin.1,150 Scrap
    High Noon ArmguardsHigh resistance to Shock and Blight. Moderate resistance to Fire. No resistance to Bleed. 350 Scrap
    High Noon SolesHigh protection for feet. High Resistance to Fire, Shock, and Toxin. 825 Scrap

    Gunslinger Default Weapons

    These are the default weapons that come with the Gunslinger archetype.

    Wrangler 1860

    Wrangler 1860 is a Long Gun and one of the gunslinger archetype’s default weapons. It is a hunting rifle that can work at a variety of ranges. The only disadvantage is its slow reload so that needs to be strategized.

    Western Classic

    Western Classic is the Handgun that comes with the Gunslinger archetype. It is a vintage-style handgun with very high accuracy. It is one of the best handguns for mid-distance targets.

    Scrap Hatchet

    This melee weapon looks like a circular blade with sharp edges. It is quick and can charge and launch double blows at enemies.

    Here are other statistics and basic information regarding guns.

    Wrangler 1860Long gunAccuracy – High
    Damage – 55
    Ideal Range – 25m
    Magazine – 10
    Max Ammo – 50
    Critical Hit Chance – 10%
    Weak Spot Damage – 110%
    Stagger Modifier – 0%
    Western ClassicHandgunAccuracy – Very High
    Damage – 32
    Ideal Range – 18m
    Magazine – 6
    Max Ammo- 66
    Critical Hit Chance – 5%
    Weak Spot Damage – +105%
    Stagger Modifier – 5%
    Scrap HatchetMelee weaponDamage – 57
    Critical Hit Chance – 6%
    Weak Spot Damage – +105%
    Stagger Modifier – 1%

    Gunslinger Prime Perk

    Like any other archetype, Gunslinger also possesses a Prime Perk called Loaded. This skill allows the Gunslinger to have their guns loaded with infinite ammo for a few seconds.

    Loaded Prime perk can be upgraded twice, with once when the gunslinger is on level 5 and second on level 10.

    • For level 5, all weapons are reloaded with infinite ammo for 6.5 seconds.
    • For level 10, all weapons are reloaded with infinite ammo for 8 seconds.

    Gunslinger Archetype Perks

    Damage Perk: Swift Shot

    The damage perk, Swift Shot, gives increases Fire rate and Ranges damage. It is unlocked at level 6 and increases by 15% Fire Rate and 5% Ranged Damage

    Team Perk: Posse Up

    Posse Up is a Team perk and gives 20% extra ammo per teammate for each ammo collected. When unlocked at level 7, the percentage increases to 30%.

    Utility Perks: Quick Hands

    If you want a fast reload, this perk is best for you. Quick hands allow players to reload faster by 10%. At level 8, if the magazines are empty, each reloads is double in speed.

    Relic Perks: Sleight Hand

    The Sleight of Hand perk allows the Gunslinger to instantly reload their equipped Firearm while using a Relic. If level 9 is reached, using a Relic not only reloads the equipped Firearm but also offers a 15% increase in Ranged Damage for 10 seconds, which is a huge boost.

    That is all you need to know before choosing the Gunslinger archetype in Remnant 2. If you are confused about which weapons to use, check out these guides about Best Long GunsBest Handguns, and Best Melee Weapons Guide and learn more.

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