GamingSoulslikeRemnant 2 Best Handguns Guide (Regular & Special)

    Remnant 2 Best Handguns Guide (Regular & Special)

    The much-awaited sequel of Remnant: From the Ashes, Remnant 2 is finally out and it’s undeniably a game you can’t miss. Although it has been only a week since its release, the game has already sold 1 million of its copies. The game is packed with numerous creatures, especially the daunting bosses that are glorified significantly in the trailer. The complete aura of these bosses, how they appear, and the cinematic touch given when they are revealed is something that we personally loved.

    Nevertheless, defeating such bosses will definitely require you to have a nice combination of weapons. So for that very reason, in this guide, we will be talking about some of the best Remnant 2 handguns that you can take with you on your journey to the unknown. Previously, we covered how to unlock all Traits in Remnant 2 and now without wasting any time, let’s have a look at some Remnant 2 Best Handguns.

    Remnant 2 Best Handguns

    Handguns are basically secondary weapons that you can equip your character with. These are further divided into two categories: Regular Handguns and Special Handguns. Here we have mentioned some of the best handguns from both categories. The order however is not necessary, you can choose anyone from them based on your gameplay style. For someone who loves damage will prefer a different weapon than someone who prefers fire rate.

    Regular Handguns

    Rupture Cannon

    Remnant 2 Best Handguns Guide
    Ideal Range13m
    Critical Hit Chance5%
    Weak Spot Damage Bonus+100%

    Considering that players usually use secondary weapons in emergency circumstances, most players prefer a weapon with more than average damage. Rupture Cannon is exactly what such players will need, along with the damage it also does not make you compromise much on the fire rate, making it ideal for close to mid-range combats and tight situations. However, its reload time and moderate recoil are something that players will have to be careful with.

    Silverback Model 500

    Remnant 2 Best Handguns Guide
    Ideal Range20m
    Critical Hit Chance5%
    Weak Spot Damage Bonus+105%

    For those players that prefer even higher damage alongside a good range as well, Silverback Model 500 is just the weapon for you. Unlike the Rupture Cannon which works like a shotgun, this weapon remains a handgun and provides a significantly higher range. It also does not compromise on the critical hit chance, however it only has 5 magazines so be sure to keep an eye on your ammo. Ideally speaking, due to its low magazines yet high damage it is best for players that are confident when it comes to their accuracy.

    Bolt Drive

    Remnant 2 Best Handguns Guide
    Ideal Range17m
    Critical Hit Chance10%
    Weak Spot Damage Bonus+105%

    Moving on we have the Bolt Driver, although it lacks the punch of damage, its fire rate is something that players can definitely go for. It is designed for closed-ranged combats and tight situations. It holds a good amount of magazines as well, making it reliable enough to get players out of such tight situations. Its combination of maneuverability and quick burst is definitely a powerful combo.

    Double Barrel

    Remnant 2 Best Handguns Guide
    Ideal Range7m
    Critical Hit Chance5%
    Weak Spot Damage Bonus+100%

    When it comes to the damage, there is no comparison to Double Barrel. With whopping 110 damage, it’s one shot is enough to take you out of any critical position. The weapon is specially designed for close-range combat and to end the enemy once and for all. However, do make sure to be accurate (which will be easy in close range of course) because you only have 2 shots to rely on in your magazine. The downside is that you compromise a lot on the range, so in case if you prefer long-range + high damage then the Sureshot handgun might be a better option for you.

    Western Classic

    Remnant 2 Best Handguns Guide
    Ideal Range18m
    Critical Hit Chance5%
    Weak Spot Damage Bonus+105%

    Last but not least, we have the Western Classic. A decent weapon that delivers above-average damage and has a significantly higher range than many others. Players can definitely rely on this handgun under intense circumstances. Its magazine might seem a bit low to some players but due to its accuracy and ability to target mid to long-range targets, it won’t be a problem.

    Special Handguns

    Cube Gun

    Ideal Range18m
    Critical Hit Chance5%
    Weak Spot Damage Bonus+85%

    From the stats, Cube Gun might seem like a decent gun. So what really is special about it? and what brings it to the list of best handguns. Well although the stats are actually reasonable this weapon has a very special mod called the cube shield. When you activate this mod, you will get a shield around you for around 15 seconds and it will be capable of absorbing any damage up to 500.

    If that does not seem enough, know that when you activate the mod for the second time while the first is active, this will fire out your shield towards the enemies and will deliver more damage to the enemies than what the shield had absorbed initially.


    Ideal Range16m
    Critical Hit Chance10%
    Weak Spot Damage Bonus+115%

    This special weapon named Sorrow has a special mod named Eulogy. Sorrow is not only a weapon that deals damage to others but also a kind of healing equipment. Because when you activate its mod Eulogy, then after hitting other enemies with bolts that deliver more than 30 damage, it will recall these bolts. These bolts will now heal your HP by 2%.


    Ideal Range12m
    Critical Hit Chance-10%
    Weak Spot Damage BonusN/A

    Last but not least, we have Enigma and its special ability or you can say mod is known as the Chaos Driver. When you activate the mod it will send electrical rods that will pierce the enemies. This will make a complete circuit with rods within 10m and will deal significant damage of 20 per second. The enemies that are pierced with rods, in fact, take even more damage around 50 per second. Enigma is undeniably the best weapon when it comes to taking down crowded enemies all at once.

    Well, that takes us to the end of Remnant 2 Best Handguns Guide. Do let us know in the comment section below which handgun is your go-to at the moment. Also, do consider subscribing to our mailing list down below to stay updated with the latest guides and updates. We’ll see you in the next one.

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