GamingSoulslikeRemnant 2 Best Long Guns Guide (Regular & Special)

    Remnant 2 Best Long Guns Guide (Regular & Special)

    Released on the 25th of July 2023, Remnant 2 has already made its way to the screens of many players. Apart from all other aspects of the game, its daunting bosses and creatures do seem to be the unique selling point. We also get to see in the trailer that some of these creatures and bosses have been glorified a lot. The complete aura of these bosses, how they appear, and the cinematic touch given when they are revealed is something that we personally loved.

    Quality like this definitely makes the game even more intense. So to defeat these deadly bosses and creatures, players will definitely require a much more deadly weapon combination. So for that very reason, in this guide, we will be discussing some of the best Remnant 2 long guns that you can take with you on your journey to the unknown. Read along to know more about them.

    Remnant 2 Best Long Guns

    Long Guns are the primary weapon that players will be using in the game, so definitely there is going to be no compromise on this one. Long guns are further divided into two categories: Regular Handguns and Special Handguns.

    Here we have mentioned some of the best weapons from both categories. Do bear in mind that the order of the weapons here is not necessary. You can choose any of these top weapons depending on your gameplay style. For someone who loves damage will prefer a different weapon than someone who prefers fire rate.

    Regular Long Guns

    XMG57 Bonesaw

    Remnant 2 Best Long Guns
    Ideal Range19m
    Critical Hit Chance10%
    Weak Spot Damage Bonus100%

    XMG57 Bonesaw easily makes its way to the list of best long weapons in Remnant 2. A moderate weapon that has the qualities of all is something that players usually look for in a primary weapon. XMG57 Bonesaw is definitely up to the mark with reasonable damage plus the highest magazine of all. The weapon is ideal for mid-range and becomes more accurate in continuous firing. The only thing that you compromise on is the reload time but given that it has a magazine of whopping 150 it’s going to be worth it.


    Remnant 2 Best Long Guns
    Ideal Range20m
    Critical Hit Chance15%
    Weak Spot Damage Bonus100%

    Next up we have the Aphelion. The stats are already there but something that sets this gun apart is its mod named Supernova. Aphelion becomes absolutely deadly with this mod, delivering damage upon damage. This mod will fire a supernova, and upon contacting something the supernova will burst out. Delivering 150 fire damage and 350 burning damage to the enemies in a 4m radius.

    Also, if you consider exploding the supernova with Aphelion, it will increase damage by 500, and radius by 25%. On top of that, it also generates a shockwave that delivers 300 fire damage and burning damage.

    Pulse Rifle

    Remnant 2 Best Long Guns
    Ideal Range22m
    Critical Hit Chance10%
    Weak Spot Damage Bonus105%

    The pulse rifle is among the most balanced long guns in Remnant 2. Making it ideal for players who don’t want to compromise on literally anything. A decent amount of damage with more than average range and magazine is what makes it truly epic. The gun is ideal for mid-range combats, it’s also known for its combination of extreme accuracy and rate of fire. This gun is made to deal with any critical situation and can be relied upon.


    Remnant 2 Best Long Guns
    Ideal Range35m
    Critical Hit Chance10%
    Weak Spot Damage Bonus120%

    For all sniper lovers out there, Widowmaker is exactly the gun for you. Widowmaker comes with a whopping 125 damage which is the highest damage as compared to every other gun from this category. The gun is known for its accuracy and range. It comes with a 3x scope as well, making it ideal for long-range combats. However, just like in any other sniper, the only thing that you compromise on is the magazine.

    Blackmaw AR-47

    Remnant 2 Best Long Guns
    Ideal Range20m
    Critical Hit Chance10%
    Weak Spot Damage Bonus100%

    Another long gun that is worth mentioning is Blackmaw AR-57. Just like the Pulse Rifle, Blackmaw AR-47 is also among the balanced guns that players can get their hands on. The gun is known for its accuracy and firepower. The damage seems quite average until you find out its amazing accuracy and with its significantly higher magazine it won’t be a problem.

    Special Long Guns


    Ideal Range20m
    Critical Hit Chance10%
    Weak Spot Damage Bonus100%

    With decent damage, increased magazine, and amazing accuracy, Alpha-Omega is easily among the best long guns. But as always, since it’s a special gun so one thing that sets this gun apart is its mod named Beta Ray. The mod allows players to brand their enemies. Once these enemies die the brand is left on the ground and upon reloading or swapping weapons this brand explodes, delivering damage of a whopping 225 to the enemies around it.


    Ideal Range20m
    Critical Hit Chance10%
    Weak Spot Damage Bonus100%

    Ever heard of an insatiable weapon? Upon firing Merciless continuously it will cause your enemies to bleed resulting in continuous damage. Merciless also has a mod named Bloodline, which allows players to fire a blast that penetrates every enemy in the path, delivering 150 damage. The damage also keeps on increasing by 50% upon penetrating each enemy.


    Ideal Range18m
    Critical Hit Chance5%
    Weak Spot Damage Bonus100%

    Last but not least we have Nightfall, known for its significantly high damage and range but its magazine and RPS are quite average. However, upon using its mod named Dreadwalker the tables will be completely turned. This is by far one of the best mods one can find in Remnant 2. It allows players to make their weapon overpowered with infinite ammo, increased fire rate by 35%, Nightfall becoming fully automatic, and 10% life steal. All of this combined makes it a complete torture for your enemies.

    Well, with that we come to the end of Remnant 2 Best long guns Guide. Do let us know in the comment section below which long gun is your go-to at the moment. After selecting your long gun it’s time for you to select your handgun as well. So be sure to check out our Remnant 2 Best Handguns Guide. For more guides like these, stay tuned to Retrology.

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