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    Remnant 2 Engineer Complete Guide

    If you like to play a weapon-heavy class, in Remnant 2 the Engineer is the best one for you. The Engineer archetype is a highly competent Heavy Weapon specialist who can deploy or carry heavy weapons. His perks are also related to high-damage deals and unlimited ammo, making him completely weapon-focused. Let’s look at this guide, which details all the important things you should know about the Engineer class in Remanat 2.

    Unlock Engineer Archetype

    First go to N’Erud, specifically the outside zones, which are two places. Eon Vault or the Timeless Horizon, so go to one of these and then search for the Titan’s Reach checkpoint. Now search for an Alien Device which is somewhere in the deadly fog. To save yourself from dying in this fog, use Purified Salve, which will build up your resistance.

    The location of Alien Device is shown like this.

    Keep going until you reach the first drop. Jump and land on the next one to get the armor. Now look at the map for a red symbol. Once spotted, follow it to obtain the Alien Device. It will require you to drop a little and then get it.

    Lastly, go and find Wallace in Ward 13. Now, using this Alien device, you’ll be able to make the Engram required for the Engineer archetype. This is called the Drzyr Caliper Engram, and here are the items needed to craft this.

    • Alien Device
    • 10 Lumenite Crystals
    • 1000 Scrap

    Engineer Trait: Fortify

    The Fortify is a special trait for the Engineer archetype. Its function is that it increases the defense of the equipped armor of the player. Fortify increases the defensive capabilities for each level by 5%.

    Engineer Skills

    There are three skills for Engineer, and each has the condition of having at least 25% ammo before activating the skill. Also, these abilities can be used for both the turret and carry modes.

    Heavy Weapon: Vulcan

    The first skill that is automatically unlocked is Heavy Weapon: Vulcan. This ability plants a Vulcan turret that provides enough firepower to take down several foes.

    If you press the button for the ability, it will start shooting until the ammo is empty. The other option is to hold the button that puts the Vulcan in heavy carry mode and can be used like a normal weapon. You can also double-press and reclaim the 75% of ammo left.

    Heavy Weapon: Flamethrower

    This skill allows the player to use a Flamethrower turret, which can deal damage over a medium range.

    When you simply press the control to launch the ability, the flamethrower can last as long as the ammo is. Holding the button will make it a heavy weapon, and a double press will reclaim 75% of the remaining ammo.

    Heavy Weapon: Impact Cannon

    Lastly, and the most deadly of them all is the Heavy weapon: Impact Canon ability. This skill blasts and grants explosive damage to enemies within its medium range.

    The mechanics are the same as the other two skills with one press using up all the ammo, hold makes the ability to be used as a weapon while double press will save your ammo.

    Engineer Default Armor

    Technician HelmetHigh-level protection against attacks and damage. High resistance to Shock.  Low resistance to Fire and Toxin. No resistance to Bleed or Blight
    Technician BodyplateModerate protection against physical attacks. Increases resistance to Fire, Shock, and Toxin. No resistance to Bleed or Blight.
    Technician GlovesHigh-level protection against attacks and damage. Increases resistance to Fire, Shock and Toxin.
    Technician GreavesHigh-level protection against attacks and damage. Increases resistance to Fire, Shock, and Toxin.

    Engineer Default Weapons

    Pulse Rifle

    The long gun in the Engineer bundle is a Pulse Rifle, which is known for its accuracy and three-time shooting capability. It is not a long-range weapon and thrives the best in medium-range combat.

    Rupture Canon

    Rupture Cannon is a pistol shotgun, which means it will have a recoil. It is very effective for medium range and causes high damage.

    Atom Smasher

    The Engineer melee weapon, Atom Smasher in Remnant 2 is probably the coolest design for a melee weapon in this game. As the name suggests, it causes chaos by breaking the bonds between objects or humans, literally. With its high damage, it is best for close combat and can easily destroy your enemies.

    Here are other statistics and basic information regarding guns.

    Pulse RifleLong gunAccuracy – High
    Damage – 16
    Ideal Range – 22m
    Magazine – 30
    Max Ammo – 210
    Critical Hit Chance – 10%
    Weak Spot Damage – 105%
    Stagger Modifier – 5%
    Rupture CanonHandgunAccuracy – Very High
    Damage – 42
    Ideal Range – 13m
    Magazine – 12
    Max Ammo – 60
    Critical Hit Chance – 5%
    Weak Spot Damage – +100%
    Stagger Modifier – 10%
    Atom SmasherMeleeDamage – 72
    Critical Hit Chance – 5%
    Weak Spot Damage – +95%
    Stagger Modifier – 11%

    Engineer Prime Perk: High Tech

    The Engineer archetype’s prime perk is High tech. This perk gives players a lot of upgrades on their weapons like unlimited ammo, increased damage rate, increased fire rate, etc. This is one of the best perks for combat situations. The High Tech perk has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

    • At the basic level, you get infinite ammo and 25% damage is increased for 15s.
    • At level 5, along with infinite ammo, the damage of 25% increases for the 20s.
    • At level 10, the damage cooldown is increased to 25s along with other perks.

    Engineer Archetype Perks

    Damage Perk: Metalworker

    The damage perk for Engineer is Metalworker, which increases the already present stats to make the player more competent.

    • Unlocked at level 1: Skill damage is increased by 5%. Heavy weapon ammo gets 5% more ammo capacity. The players get +2.5% health.
    • Upgraded at level 6: Skill damage is increased by 50%. Skill critical chance increases by 10%. Heavy weapon ammo gets 50% more ammo capacity. The player get +25% health.

    Team Perk: Magnetic Field

    As heavy weapons can be damaging, the Magnetic Field perk guards your allies to get less damage while the weapon is being used.

    • Unlocked at level 2: 15% damage reduction within 2.5m.
    • Upgraded at level 7: 15% damage reduction within 2.5m along with gradual ammo restoration for those allies.

    Utility Perks: Heavy Mobility

    As the name suggests, this perk allows the user to have more control and speed while carrying a heavy weapon.

    • Unlocked at level 3: Movement speed while carrying heavy weapons is increased by 35%.
    • Upgraded at level 8: Along with movement speed increasing to 35%, Evade speed and distance are boosted by 25%

    Relic Perks: Sulprus

    The relic perk, Sulprus, activates when a Relic is used and along with the bonus. It gives more benefits when a heavy weapon is equipped.

    • Unlocked at level 4: Double bonus. If the heavy weapon has more than enough ammo, others will be dropped.
    • Upgraded at level 9: Double bonus. 15% of heavy weapon ammo is filled

    That’s all there is to know about the Engineer archetype in Remnant 2. If you’re not sure which one to choose, you can check out the Archon and Gunslinger guides to make your decision.

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