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    Remnant 2 Archon Complete Guide

    Archetypes in Remnant 2 are the classes that give the players a set of skills and equipment according to their perks. Players can select the archetype they want to play as some are available in the beginning. Some need to be unlocked, and the Archon archetype is one of them. Let’s continue with this guide, which will help you in the process of unlocking the Archon archetype in Remnant 2 along with some other important details regarding this class.

    Unlock Archon Archetype

    To unlock the Archon Archetype, you first need to finish the whole game once, so you can be corrupted. If done, let’s proceed with the items and skills you need.


    Hexahedron is a unique artifact that grants access to the Archon Archetype. To make the Hexahedron Engram, players must first obtain Strange Box, which can be located in The Backrooms. Go to Wallace in Ward 13 to manufacture hexahedrons. Here are the items you need for it:

    • Strange Box
    • 10 Lumenite Crystal
    • 1,000 Scrap

    You will need to have a specific loadout to become corrupted, and thus this means that you need to have completed the story at least once.

    Explorer Archetype Skill

    To get the Explorer Archetype skill, fight the final boss in Campaign Mode to obtain the Broken Compass, then return it to Wallace to purchase the Golden Compass, which unlocks the archetype.

    Fortune Hunter Skill

    The Explorer Archetype must then be used until it reaches level 10, unlocking the Fortune Hunter Skill.

    Worm Hole Skill

    Finally, use the Invader Archetype until it reaches level 5, at which point you can equip the Worm Hole Skill.


    • Amber Moonstone: It can be purchased from Cass in Ward 13 for 500 Scrap. If you don’t find the ring on her, visit her after a while, and she’ll have it next time or the turn after it.
    • Anastasija’s Inspiration: You can also find it in Root Earth. If not, buy this from Whispers in Ward 13.
    • Black Cat Band: If you die 15 times, you can buy it from Reggie in Ward 13.
    • Zania’s Malice: Search for it in the Ashen Wasteland area of Root Earth 

    Long Gun: Ford’s Scattergun

    Beginning with the Red Throne, finish the quest until you reach the final boss. If you stumble upon the Ornate Lockbox, keep it away from the Empress for the time being. Return to the Empress after defeating the last boss and chat with her. Select the following options:

    • “The Abomination is slain, Your Eternity.”
    • “Long Live Her Permanence!”
    • “[Kneel]”

    This will grant you the Empress’s Seal Ring. After that, equip the ring and return to the fountain from the throne room. While looking at the throne room, enter the room to your left. When you approach it while wearing the Empress’s Seal, a secret chamber will open. Here you’ll find Ford’s Scattergun.

    Amulet: Leto’s Amulet

    This amulet can be found and bought from Reggie in Ward 13. The task needed for this is to do 100 flop dodges.

    Handgun: Cube Gun

    If you’ve already cleared the Labyrinth and slain the Labyrinth Sentinel Boss, you’ll have the resources needed to construct the Cube Gun, which you may do through McCabe at Ward 13. The items are:

    • 1 Conflux Prism
    • 7 Lumenite Crystal
    • 1000 Scrap

    Melee: Labyrinth Staff

    The Labyrinth Staff is next, and it may be obtained in the Labyrinth’s Bastion Event. Begin at the Fractured Ingress and proceed down the left bottom path. If you haven’t previously, you’ll need to go through the Labyrinth and activate this shortcut.

    Pass through the moving portal and jump down to a platform that appears mid-jump. Wait for the platform to appear at the next gap, then rush across the gap and follow the way to an arena where you must defeat a boss named Bastion. After beating it, the Labyrinth Staff may be found on the far side of the arena.

    Realmwalker Armor Set

    This armor set can be obtained in two ways.

    • The first step is to make a new character with the Explorer Archetype as their beginning Archetype. This can be done on any character after obtaining the Golden Compass. It may be acquired from Wallace in Ward 13 after obtaining the Broken Compass by defeating the last boss in Campaign Mode.
    •  The Realmwalker Set can also be obtained through Whispers in Ward 13. What enables Whispers to sell this armor set is not totally clear.

    Void Heart

    This Relic can be found on N’Erud near the Alepsis-Taura location. To activate the console near the final monster, you must complete the main mission on N’Erud without using the Override Pin.

    After some time has passed, the Alepsis-Taura site should be accessible by quick travel on N’Erud. The Void Heart should be seen in the distance at Alepsis-Taura. Make sure you’ve explored N’Erud completely as after this relic, the area will be inaccessible.


    The labyrinth portal

    In the Labyrinth, go to the Fractured Ingress and look for the twitching portal. Wait until you witness the scene where you will descend into nothingness as you feel like you are just floating and then enter after two seconds. As you fall, a rock bridge will build beneath your feet, saving you and allowing you to proceed to the next location with more portals.

    Here you’ll need to find the Corrupted door/ portal. Move to the back of the chamber, defeat some enemies, and turn right to find a glitching gray door with red glitches.

    Equip all the previously specified equipment, and you will be able to open it. You’ll arrive in “The Backrooms” after passing through the barrier. The Backrooms are inspired by the urban legend of liminal space which rose to its fame a few years ago.

    Investigate The Backrooms until you come across the Strange Box, as mentioned above. There are no enemies or bosses in this place so you can freely search for it. Once done, the Archon archetype would be unlocked.

    Archon Trait: Flash Caster

    Just like every other archetype, Flash Castor is the designated trait that is unlocked when the Archon class is unlocked. This trait increases Mod and Skill Casting Speed by 5% on each level. It is unlocked when Archon reaches level 10.

    Archon Skills

    Reality Rune

    • Unlocked at: Automatically Unlocked
    • Cooldown: 75s

    Reality Rune is the ability that hinders the enemies’ advancements by making them slow along with giving resistance to allies near you.

    Chaos Gate

    • Unlocked at: Level 5
    • Cooldown: 85s

    The second skill that is unlocked at level 5 is Chaos Gate. This grants resistance and Mod generation to allies, with increased damage to enemies.

    Havoc Form

    • Unlocked at: Level 10
    • Cooldown: 120s

    The level 10 skill Havoc Form is an Archon skill that grants the caster unique skills and allows them to unleash a variety of effects for a brief duration.

    Archon Default Armor

    For the Archon archetype, you get the Labyrinth set as a default armor. This armor set is a medium-level armor and gives a moderate amount of protection coupled with a slight penalty to the stamina limit. Keep in mind that the Labyrinth armor set has no bonuses and is only used for casual armor levels against elements or physical attacks.

    Labyrinth HeadplateModerate protection for the head. Increases resistance to Shock and Blight.
    Labyrinth MantleModerate resistance to attacks. High resistance to Shock. Moderate resistance to Fire.
    Labyrinth GauntletsHigh resistance to physical attacks. High resistance to Shock and Fire. Moderate resistance to Fire. No resistance to any other element. 
    Labyrinth TreadsModerate protection for feet. High Resistance to Fire and Shock. 

    Archon Default Weapons

    XMG57 Bonesaw

    The Long gun that comes with the Archon archetype is XMG57 Bonesaw. This gun is designed for long-range support but can be used in a variety of ranges. The accuracy increases with more shots fired, which is the experimental aspect of this gun.


    Enigma is an interesting gun that can change its shape and rearrange itself whenever necessary. Best for medium-ranged shooting as well as during fighting in small closed-off spaces.

    Labyrinth Staff

    The melee weapon for this archetype is a literal staff called Labyrinth Staff. This default staff of the Archon class is lethal enough to make its way to the high-damage melee weapons list in Remnant 2. When charged, it causes a lot of damage to enemies in its range.

    Here is the table with more statistics for these weapons.

    XMG57 BonesawLong gunAccuracy – High
    Damage – 12
    Ideal Range – 19m
    Magazine – 150
    Max Ammo – 300
    Critical Hit Chance – 10%
    Weak Spot Damage – 110%
    Stagger Modifier – 0%
    EnigmaHandgunAccuracy – Medium
    Damage – 22
    Ideal Range – 12m
    Magazine – 30
    Max Ammo – 120
    Critical Hit Chance – -10%
    Weak Spot Damage – N/A
    Stagger Modifier – -15%
    Labyrinth StaffMeleeDamage – 64
    Critical Hit Chance – 8%
    Weak Spot Damage – +95%
    Stagger Modifier – 5%

    Archon Prime Perk

    In Remnant 2, when you use Archon archetype as the main class, you get the Prime Peak called Tempest. This perk generates 2 Mod Power, which confirms the continuous flow of using Mods for 6 seconds. The perk is upgraded twice, at level 5 and level 10.

    • At Level 5, The Mod is generated 2.5 per second and increases all Mod by 50% for 6 seconds.
    • At Level 10, The Mod is generated 3 per second and increases all Mod by 100% for 10 seconds.

    Archon Archetype Perks

    Damage Perk: Amplify

    Amplify is unlocked from the start (level 1) and increases the Mod Damage by 5%. It is upgraded at level 6 which increases Mod damage by 30% and Mod critical chance by 10%.

    Team Perk: Power Creep

    This team perk is unlocked at level 2 and regenerates 5% Mod Power of all allies for 10 seconds. When upgraded at level 7, allies can gain 5% more Mod power generation.

    Utility Perks: Spirit Within

    Spirit Within is a utility perk that unlocks at level 3. It reduces all Mods by 15%. At level 8, it upgrades to instantly regenerate 15% of Mod Power used after casting it.

    Relic Perks: Power Leak

    The Relic perk, Power Leak, is unlocked at level 4. Whenever a relic is used, it increases by 200 Mod Power for each equipped Mod. When upgraded at level 9, it grants 100 more Mod power to the current 200.

    That is all for this guide detailing how to unlock the Archon archetype and other important information that can help you determine if you want to play as this archetype or not.

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