GamingSoulslikeGuide to solve Remnant 2 Council Tribunal Puzzle

    Guide to solve Remnant 2 Council Tribunal Puzzle

    Remnant 2 is filled with interesting quests and events that can range from unlocking weapons, getting traits, or even taking some decisions to complete the quest. Similarly, in the Council Tribunal event, you have to take the decision on who is the traitor among the three council members. But before that, there is a long way to go. To help you, this guide will take you all the way from the starting point to solving the Remnant 2 Council Tribunal Puzzle and choosing the right traitor.

    Get the Magic Quill from Jester

    First, you need to reach the room with the three pillars where the three council members are. To reach there, you need to at the Beatific Palace. This palace is situated in Losomn. Here, you’ll need to find the Magic Quill which will help you in this quest.

    • Go straight ahead of the first checkpoint in this palace and turn left.
    • Keep going until you reach a lift and go down. From there, navigate until you reach the double stairway.
    • Go up and then turn right and go through the dimly lit doorway that has the staircase.
    • Keep going toward the left corridor and turn left. From here, go down another staircase. Keep going down from another staircase after room until you reach a small room with a statue and a hole in the wall.
    • Go down these stairs again and keep going as the route takes you until you spot a room full of bones. This is the room of the jester. You can see the location on the map too.
    • Interact with the jester to get the Magic Quill. Magic Quill is used to create teleportation portals in Losomn that can give you access to different areas.

    Use the Magic Quill to reach Council Chamber

    For this next step, you need to go to Malefic Palace. To get here, you’ll need to go through Irounbrough, then Great Sewers and as you exit it, you’ll get to Malefic Castle.

    Here, look for a statue in the middle of the wall and look opposite to it. You’ll find the magic design door that will lead you to the Council Chamber. Step into this door to reach the destination.

    Council Tribunal Puzzle

    Once in the Council Chamber, you can start your Council Tribunal Puzzle. The Fae council of One True King, Savan, Oniril, and Nyele, would be in the middle of this room. Make sure you don’t let your guard down, as there are many adversaries around this room, just not where the council is.

    Once you interact with the council, they’ll talk about how one of the three is betraying the One True King. This tells you that your task is to find who the traitor is. Let’s continue with the puzzle so that we can find who the traitor is.

    Once you reach the room with the three pillars, go up to all of them and take their keys from the pillars. Each color is for a specific member, and you have to put the right one in the correct pillar.

    Now look at the floor and see the color of the key in the reflection. According to it, put the keys back in the respective pillars. For ease, here is the order.

    • Left pillar – Blue key (Savan)
    • Middle pillar – Red key (Oniril)
    • Right pillar – Purple key (Nyele)

    Once done, go up the stairs and straight into the room with the big statue. Climb the statue from its side and look at the wall behind it. Here you’ll find the Assasian’s Seal. Now from this wall, get back on the statue, right behind its head. Another artifact would be here, the Assasian’s Dagger.

    Inspect this Dagger and notice the symbol on its handle. This will tell you who the traitor is. The symbol looks like two arrows.

    Go back to the council and talk to them again. It’s Nyele as his symbol is two arrows. This time, when they ask, point the one out according to the symbol you saw on the dagger. This will complete the quest.

    And this is how you can complete the Remnant 2 Council Tribunal Puzzle and complete this event. For more guides, do check out others listed here.

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