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    Unlock all Traits in Remnant 2

    Remnant 2 is a Soulslike third-person shooter game developed by Gunfire Games and published by Gearbox Publishing. This game has a lot of customizable options with different classes, traits, side quests, etc., and even allows players to play in multiplayer mode. This guide will help you with all the traits present in the game (which are a lot), and describe how to unlock all the ones you want in your run of the game. Let’s continue with this guide on how to unlock all traits in Remnant 2.

    Core Traits

    There are 4 core traits in the game and they are already unlocked in the game. You can just level up and experience their benefits.


    This core trait enhances maximum Stamina Endurance. It increases by 30% at Max level, that is +3 points per level increase.


    The trait Expertise reduces the cooldowns of skills by 20% which is -2 per each level increase.


    Spirit increases Mod power generation by 20%. This is +2 point increase with each level.


    The Last Core trait is Vigor, which increases health by 30% or +3 points by each level up.

    Archetype Traits

    All characters you choose in Revenant 2 have Archetypes. While building your character, you can choose the ones you want your player to excel in based on their properties. For each trait to unlock, you need their respective Archetypes to each Level 10. Following are the details on each trait associated with each Archetype.

    Ammo Reserves

    This trait increases Ammo reserve by 50%. In points, it’s +5 with each level.

    How to Unlock

    Get Gunslinger to level 10 for this trait to unlock. This is available for all classes once it’s unlocked.


    Kinship removes friendly fire damage rate by 80% which increases by +8 with every level increase.

    How to Unlock

    Kinship is unlocked after Handler archetype is leveled up to 10.


    This trait increases all movement speed by 15%. With each level, speed increases by 1 point.

    How to Unlock

    Is of Explorer archetype and unlocks when Explorer is of level 10.


    Weapon Mods healing is increased by 50% which is +5 with each level.

    How to Unlock

    Similar to others, this is unlocked after Medic archetype reached level 10.


    Good for long-distance weapon users as this trait increases range by 60 cm per level increase.

    How to Unlock

    Get Hunter Archetype to level 10 to unlock this trait.


    This trait increases consumable duration by 10% at each level.

    How to Unlock

    This is unlocked after Alchemist reaches level 10.


    At each level, the regrowth of heath increases by 0.15 per second, which at the max level is 1.5 per second.

    How to Unlock

    Belongs to Summoner archetype, so increase its level to 10 to unlock.

    Strong Back

    Lowers the rate of Encumbrance by 1 point, which becomes 10 at max level.

    How to Unlock

    Is of challenge archetype trait and accessed when level reaches 10.


    Untouchable trait helps in increasing evade window. With each level increasing by 3 points, this trait gets up to 30% at the max level.

    How to Unlock

    This is Invader archetype trait. Reach level 10 with Invader to unlock this.


    The trait Fortify aids in armor effectiveness by +5 in each next level.

    How to Unlock

    Similar to others, this trait will unlock for all classes after Engineer reaches level 10.

    Flash Castor

    This trait helps in increasing Casting Speed by 5% at each level. This becomes 50% at the max level.

    How to Unlock

    After Archon gets to level 10, this trait would be unlocked for all classes.

    Other Traits

    These are all the other traits that can be unlocked by either defeating or completing quests. You can unlock all of these traits in Remnant 2 and these are available to all classes or archetypes. Information regarding each trait is given below.


    This trait increases AOE size by 5% in each level; with 50% being max.

    How to Unlock

    Once you defeat the first Horde Boss from Labyrinth in story mode, this trait would be unlocked.

    Arcane Strike

    Melee damage is increased with Mod power generation by 5%.

    How to Unlock

    To unlock, defeat all the enemies from Bone pillars in Harvester’s reach, located in Losomn.


    Aid in less damage affecting all types of attacks. This includes every attack and it increases by 1%.

    How to Unlock

    Talk to Meidra in Yaesha and choose these answers to unlock this trait.

    • The human kind- or maybe you know the word paxultek?
    • I’ll try this out
    • Trust the coward can fend for himself.
    • Preserve the peace by any means necessary
    • Risk letting the boat sink
    • Allow the butcher to hire my sibling
    • Tell my friend they deserve the truth

    Blood Bond

    This trait allows the summoned characters to deflect a certain amount of energy, shielding the player from the damage.

    How to Unlock

    Still in Yaesha, defeat the Root Nexus boss to obtain this trait.


    Increased gray health region, making the recovery faster and easier.

    How to Unlock

    Talk to Meisha again for this but this time choose the answers with selfish intent.

    • The human kind- or maybe you know the word paxultek?
    • I’ll try this out
    • Break the son’s arm
    • Tell butcher the truth
    • Keep silent. It’s not my place to interfere.
    • Keep the money
    • Abandon fellow hostages


    This grants increased evade distance, which increases the mobility and accessibility of the player.

    How to Unlock

    Defeat the horde boss in Vault of the Formless, N’Erud, and get this trait.


    Footwork trait increases accuracy while moving.

    How to Unlock

    In N’Erud, complete the train task event present in Terminus Station. Aboard the train and as you leave, you’ll get notified of Footwork trait.


    This trait helps in consuming and benefiting from items faster and increasing their use speed.

    How to Unlock

    Remember, this can only be unlocked in multiplayer mode. During the feast event in Great Hall, eat the rotten meat and get Ravenous debuff. Now you’ll have the choice between eating your ally or getting eaten up. It’s better to act fast and eat your ally, so do just that and get this trait. Don’t forget to revive the other to continue the game.


    Increases accuracy and recoil, so the player can recover quickly without losing aim.

    How to Unlock

    In Ashen Wasteland, find and fight the horde boss present in Root Earth to unlock handling.


    This increases stamina regeneration, which helps in tense situations.

    How to Unlock

    During the Brocwithe event, you’ll find a kid (Bran kid) in the Cotton’s Kiln area of Losomn. Interact with him once he stops and follow him safely. Then climb the ladder he leaves you in front of. Go inside, and you’ll meet the witch, the Oracle. Talk to her to get this trait.


    Brings a considerable increase in Aura Size with beneficial results. This is by 5 points for each level.

    How to Unlock

    Have one of your players enter the Dormant N’Erudian Facility and start the purge protocol, Then have him or her kill all the people, especially including you. This trait is only unlocked once a player dies, so you’ll have to die for this. Also, this can only be done in multiplayer mode.


    Increases speed of reviving by 5% per level.

    How to Unlock

    While playing multiplayer, revive your ally 10 times. This will unlock this trait.


    Archetype Summons’ Health is greatly increased, making them more resilient and effective allies.

    How to Unlock

    Destroy the root nexus in Forgotten Field and defeat the horde boss. Then talk to the NPC to get the trait.


    Increases experience gain by +1%, which can help to level up.

    How to Unlock

    Defeat the final boss of the game and get this special trait.


    Increases Resistance to Elemental Status Effect Damage, reducing the impact of negative effects on your character.

    How to Unlock

    In Losomn, defend the man that is being burned in the Butcher’s Quater by killing enemies. You’ll get the trait after that.


    Increases Lifesteal providing your character with more effective life restoration from hits.

    How to Unlock

    Go to Dormant N’Erudian Facility in N’Erud and defeat and kill every boss or enemy present there.


    Boosts Environmental Movement Speed by 5% which allows easy transverse from terrains.

    How to Unlock

    Go to Corrupted Harbour and defeat the Horde boss there to get this trait.

    That is all for this long list of traits you can unlock in Remnant 2. Hopefully, the above content would help you in getting all the ones you want for your character build. For more helpful guides, head over to the guides section and keep following Retrology.

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