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    Guide to Disney Dreamlight Valley Breaking Bones Quest

    One thing that every player absolutely loves about Disney Dreamlight Valley is its quests that are embedded so nicely into the story. The latest update of the quest has brought us quite a few new quests as well and after covering numerous quests like Friends Aren’t Food Quest, A Tale Of Stone And Fire Quest, and A Dark Experiment Quest, we have brought you yet another guide for a quest named Disney Dreamlight Valley Breaking Bones Quest. So here is everything that you need to know about how to complete this quest, Good luck.

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    Disney Dreamlight Valley Breaking Bones Quest

    The Breaking Bones quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the first thing you need to do if you want to start clearing large animal bones from the Sunlit Plateau. This won’t be that easy as you will have to upgrade your shovel in order to do so, which is also one of the requirements to complete the quest. Here is how to do it.

    In order to start the quest you will first have to complete the Friends Aren’t Food Quest and your friendship level with Scar should be at least 3. Now speak to Scar in order to begin the quest. During a brief discussion with Scar, he will ask you to remove the bones from the Sunlit Plateau, however, since your shovel is not strong enough, he will now ask you to talk to Scrooge McDuck.

    Disney Dreamlight Valley Breaking Bones Quest
    Disney Dreamlight Valley Talk to Scrooge McDuck

    Talk to McDuck now, who will give you a shovel mold. Now return to Scar to know about the ingredients that you need to make a shovel. He will then ask you to gather Lion’s Claws x5, Dry Wood x5, and Iron Ingots x5, here’s how you can get them.

    • Lion’s Claws x5: For this one, you can search for sparkling dirt mounds at the Sunlit Plateau’s cliffside. Dig them up to get your hands on Lion’s Claws.
    • Dry Wood x5: You can easily find and pick piles of white wood from Frosted Heights, the Forgotten Lands, and even the Sunlit Plateau.
    • Iron Ingots x5: For these, you will have to get your hands on Iron Ore, which can easily be found in the Glade of Trust and Forest of Valor. Now, head to your crafting table and make some Iron Ingots.

    The shovel head can be made at any local crafting station once you have gathered all the necessary materials. Now, you will have the shovel in your inventory and you can use it any time you want.

    Dreamlight Valley Breaking Bones
    Dreamlight Valley Breaking Bones at Sunlit Plateau

    After that, head to the Sunlit Plateau and start breaking some bones, and be sure to break bones at the Elephant Graveyard as well. Once you’re done, return back to Scar one last time and he will give a green signal this time and your quest will be completed.

    Congratulations on completing the Disney Dreamlight Valley Breaking Bones Quest. Do let us know in the comment section below which guides you want us to cover next. Interested in more guides like these? Stay tuned to Retrology.

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