GamingDisney Dreamlight Valley - Craft Training Manuals to change villager roles

    Disney Dreamlight Valley – Craft Training Manuals to change villager roles

    With the release of Disney Dreamlight Valley back in September 2022, it seemed like all our favorite Disney characters like  Elsa, Moana, Merlin, Wall-E, and many more have just come to life. Now, with yet another update the game has added quite a few new recipes, characters, and Training Manuals.

    Talking about Training Manuals which are entirely new, the players are quite confused about what exactly are they. So, for that very reason in this guide, we will be discussing everything that you need to know about Disney Dreamlight Valley Training Manuals.

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    Disney Dreamlight Valley – Training Manuals

    Disney Dreamlight Valley - Craft Training Manuals
    Disney Dreamlight Valley – Training Manuals

    Before we begin with how to basically craft Training Manuals, let us understand what they really are. There are multiple training manuals you can craft and you can gift them to villagers in order to modify their specializations. For example, if Wall-E already has the mining skills but you decide it would be best to teach him fishing, give her the Fishing Training Manual and it will become his area of expertise.  

    How to Craft Training Manuals

    Firstly be sure that your game is updated to the ‘A Festival of Friendship’ version, which is actually the update in which Training Manuals are made available. Then, in order to create your training manual, you must gather the necessary materials.

    There are 5 manuals in total and each of them has a different recipe which is mentioned below. Last but not least, the character you want to provide with a manual has to be on at least level 10 of friendship. If they are not, try giving them some gifts in order to increase the level.

    Training Manual crafting recipes 

    Training ManualRecipe
    Digging Training Manual5000 Dreamlight
    20 Pebbles
    20 Sand
    30 Soil
    Fishing Training Manual5,000 Dreamlight
    2 Swordfish
    5 Bream
    10 Herring
    Foraging Training Manual5,000 Dreamlight
    30 Bananas
    20 Blueberries
    10 Basil
    Gardening Training Manual5,000 Dreamlight
    40 Corn
    60 Tomato
    20 Carrots
    Mining Training Manual5,000 Dreamlight
    2 Topaz
    2 Aquamarine
    2 Peridot

    Once you are done with crafting any of the Training Manuals, you can gift it to any of the characters with a friendship level of more than 10. The manual will start working as soon as you provide the manual to the characters. Additionally, you will also get bonus items if you take characters with you while digging.

    Well, that’s about it, you now successfully hold the knowledge of everything that you need to know in order to craft Disney Dreamlight Valley Training Manuals. Let us know in the comment section below which guide you want us to cover next. Last but not least, for more guides on Disney Dreamlight Valley or for the latest updates, do consider subscribing to Retrology’s mailing list down below. We’ll see you at the next one.

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