GamingRole-PlayingGuide to Spirits of Nature Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Guide to Spirits of Nature Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    In the fantasy world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will confront many quests and characters. There are four kingdoms to explore. And four different realms to unlock. Just like the Remembering Quest and the Lonely Island. You have unlocked characters and completed quests. One of those is the Spirits of Nature. In this Disney Dreamlight Valley Spirits of Nature guide, I will help you in finding Elsa and complete the quest effortlessly.

    Disney Dreamlight Valley: Spirits of Nature

    This quest is from the Frozen realm. And as the name implies, the realm is related to Anna and Elsa. You have to begin the quest and here are the steps you need to follow.

    Find Elsa in Spirits of Nature Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Find Elsa
    Find Elsa

    The quest will begin from the Frozen Realm, Dream Castle. As you enter, you will be assigned a mission. Here, you have to talk to Anna. And she will ask you to help her sister Elsa. She will give the Fireproof Gloves to stay unharmed.

    Capture Bruni

    Now, you will follow Fire Spirit Salamander, Bruni. Use your gloves and watering can to extinguish the fire in your way while following. Keep searching for Bruni in the forest. You can locate it as it is a little glowing flame moving around. As you locate it, follow and catch it.

    Cook the Stone Soup

    Cook the Stone Soup
    Cook the Stone Soup

    Capture it and hand it over to Anna. Now she will assign you a new mission for the Earth Giant. You have completed this mission to have access to the other half of the forest. Here, you will have to collect a number of items or ingredients. The list is :

    • Craggy Rocks x3
    • Basil x1
    • Oregano x1

    And here is the list of locations to find them all.

    • Craggy Rocks: In the Frozen Realm.
    • Basil: Found in Peaceful Meadow.
    • Oregano: Available in Plaza

    After you have collected all the ingredients, use your Cooking Station. Cook the Stone Soup. And head back to the Frozen Realm. And place the soup on the piles of stones near the giant’s foot. Talk to Anna and the as the against moves, enter the other half of the forest.

    Fetch Anna’s Engagement Ring

    Remove Stones from the way
    Remove Stones from the way

    Still, the path is blocked with plenty of rocks. Use your Pickaxe and clear the path. As the path is clear, you can see Elsa standing near the flooded river. Talk with Anna about the issue.

    Fetch Anna's Engagement Ring
    Fetch Anna’s Engagement Ring

    Now, use your fishing rod in a nearby pond. And cast the rod in the orange spot. Then you’ll discover Anna’s engagement ring. Hand over to her. And the river will calm down. Finally, the quest is over.

    You have completed the quest and found Elsa too. Keep going through all four realms and collect numerous Dreamlights. Great job!

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