GamingRole-PlayingDisney Dreamlight Valley Wall E: How to Repair?

    Disney Dreamlight Valley Wall E: How to Repair?

    In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are different characters you can unlock after doing certain quests lined up for you. Some can be unlocked after a series of quests while some are easy to interact and hang out with. One of the characters in this game is Wall-E from the famous movie, Wall-E. If you want to unlock him, you’ve come to the right place as this article is on how to repair Disney Dreamlight Valley Wall E.

    About Wall-E

    WALL-E is about a robot, a lone robot, who is left to pick up waste on a future, barren, deserted Earth in 2805. No one is on Earth now and he is alone on this whole land. One day, he is visited by a probe sent by the starship Axiom, a robot named EVE, with whom he falls in love and follows across the galaxy. The character is quite shy and friendly so do repair him and hang out with this small robot.

    How to Repair and Unlock Wall-E?

    To begin, you must enter the Dream Castle and pay 3,000 Dreamlight to unlock the door that leads to Wall-E’s realm. From there, you must locate Wall-E and complete a series of objectives in order to assist him. When you first speak to the nice robot, named Wall-E, you find he can’t move since he’s trapped in the sand beneath him.

    • Start by freeing him. For that, search around for a handle to the refrigerator directly to the left of where Wall-E is standing.
    • You can open the storage container once you find the handle, which is hidden behind some rubble above and to the left of the fridge. you’ll have to look for it randomly on the ground.
    • Inside the refrigerator is an extra set of wheels for Wall-E to use to get out of the sand. Give these wheels to him and he’ll start talking to you.
    • After that, Wall-E will ask you to help clean up some of the trash that people have left behind in order to make the planet a better place.
    • After you collect the trash, he’ll ask you to make a cube out of the rubbish so he can neatly stack it with the other cubes.
    • Go to the inventory table and craft trash cubes.
    • Give these cubes to Wall-E and he’ll twirl in joy.

    After Wall-E is repaired

    Interact with him for a little conversation. In this conversation, he’ll ask you to plant some trees. You can plant by using a bag of seeds. This can be bought at the shop if you don’t already have it. And just like that, you have finally unlocked and repaired Wall-E.

    There are other quests you can cover after the repair. You can climb up on the friendship tier list too so good luck with that. About Disney Dreamlight Valley Wall E guide, this is it. For more help in future topics, head over to the gaming guides section.

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