GamingSoulslikeRemnant 2: Unlock MP60-R Handgun Guide (Ward 13 Locked Door)

    Remnant 2: Unlock MP60-R Handgun Guide (Ward 13 Locked Door)

    Gunfire Games is back with a sequel to their Remnant series, Remnant 2 which is now available to play on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Similar to its predecessor, this is a role-playing action game that is inspired by the Soulslike genre, which is quite evident throughout the game. The game has many customizable options from builds to traits and even weapons which you can find by completing quests. In this guide, we’ll also look for a weapon that can be obtained by completing a few steps. Let’s continue with the Remnant 2 quest on how to unlock MP60-R Handgun, which is present in Ward 13.

    Inside Ward 13

    During the story mode in Remnant 2, you’ll find yourself in Ward 13. Ward 13 is a common home ground for many NPCs and vendors you can access without worrying about enemies. You can respawn here whenever you want, and then travel back to other realms by interacting with the red crystal present in the middle of this base.

    Go to the warehouse room present on the left side of the red crystal from the front. Once up the stairs, navigate through the space through the middle room and go inside the first room on the left. Inside you’ll find a chest just by the door. It requires a code.

    For code, look in your inventory for the Flashlight. This flashlight would be already given to you by Ford, so you don’t need to look for it.

    Turn the flashlight and look under its base. Here you’ll find the code which is 0415. Use it on the chest which will give you a Cargo Control key. Take this key to the next stop which is up north.

    Cargo Door Area

    Come back down to the base and keep going north. Soon you’ll reach a staircase surrounded by cargo boxes. Go down and keep going until you reach a metal door. Here, use the Cargo Key you received earlier and open the door. Once opened, you’ll see your prize weapon on the table. This is how you can unlock MP60-R Handgun.


    If you like to play close range, MP60-R is an effective close-range pistol that you can equip. With its compact size, high rate of fire, and precise bursts, it can make a considerable companion in battles. As it’s an Uzi, it has a range of shooting a lot in a small-time.

    This handgun works best at close range, so that is where it is limited. Its small size and fast rate of fire make it ideal for tight spaces where maneuverability is essential.

    With this, you’ve completed the task in Remnant 2 and obtained your prize of MP60-R. For more related guides, you can check the guides section and learn about more quests, challenges, weapons, and traits.

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