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    One Punch Man Chapter 166 Discussion: SAITAMA IS PISSED!!!

    Where do we even start? One Punch Man Chapter 166 was crazy good! It has been long since I have been this excited reading a chapter. We are indeed witnessing peak One Punch Man manga in these recent chapters. In this post, One Punch Man Chapter 166 Discussion, we will discuss the important points in the chapter, answer the fan’s questions and predict what will happen next.

    To have a recap on the previous chapter, read our analysis of Chapter 165. Before we begin, the obvious should be stated that this post contains major spoilers for the manga. That said, let’s jump right into One Punch Man Chapter 166 discussion and analysis.

    Absolute Evil

    If someone still asks that who would win in Garou vs Boros battle, then make them read One Punch Man Chapter 166. The answer is clear, it’s Awakened Garou. Garou has surpassed almost all the major heroes and villains so far and has become what he calls, “Absolute Evil”.

    garou saitama mode chapter 166
    Garou’s Mode: Saitama

    The sheer scale of Garou’s powers are that humans – that include S Class heroes as well – can’t even stand close to him due to strong radiations continuously emitting from the hero hunter.

    Not only physically, but Garou has seemingly acknowledged the path of Absolute Evil on a mental level. When Blast explains to him about the influence of Divine Powers, and it’s consequence for humanity, Garou laughs and anticipates the future of humans under his “God” given powers.

    Blast vs Garou

    One of the surprising moment of Chapter 166 was Blast entering the battlefield for the first time. It seems that the number 1 hero is very concerned with the Earth’s current state as he highlighted the fact that due to Garou’s immense power and nuclear level attacks, the Earth can become a dead planet very soon.

    Cosmic Garou vs Blast, Chapter 166

    Moving on, we finally saw Blast in action. Of course, all of his attacks are related to dimensions, gravity and as such. It is worth mentioning that Blast truly lives up to his number 1 rank as he managed to land hits on Awakened Garou with his Gravity Knuckles and portal attacks. He even forcefully moved Garou into different dimension.

    However, to everyone’s surprise, Garou instantly copied Blast attacks and not just attacked the hero with Blast’s powers but mixed it with his Nuclear Fission punches. If it hadn’t been a Blast on the other end, this fight would have already been over.

    Now, the question is could blast beat Cosmic Garou? Well, we can’t comment on this now. Blast’s full potential is yet unknown. Even though, he has shown surprise from Garou’s capabilities and couldn’t do a lot in his small fight against Garou, we can see that Blast’s main focus wasn’t the fight but the safety of the planet and the people.

    If blast was serious in the battle and had no other priority, would Garou have been defeated? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

    Is Genos Dead?

    We can’t end One Punch Man Chapter 166 Discussion without discussing the state of Genos. The brave S Class hero, who was first to assault Garou is seemingly brutally killed. In order to provoke Saitama, Garou pierces his hand into the already destroyed body of Genos and removes his core out.

    garou kills genos chapter 166
    Garou killing Genos

    Apparently, Garou seems pretty much dead. And you know what, he did actually die in this chapter! If taking the core out of a cyborg doesn’t kill him, we don’t know what will. Now, the more important question is, will Genos stay dead?

    Well, I don’t think so. Genos is such a character who has been close to death many times but has always come back and even in a better shape than before. Him being a cyborg can bring him into life in multiple ways. Plugging the core into the new body, repairing the current Genos body (that looks beyond repair, tbh) with new core and as such.

    We also have to see more of Garou’s arc, so he will likely come back. (We hope so!)

    Saitama is Really Pissed!

    The climax of Chapter 166 or even the climax of the whole series so far, is this moment when Saitama has gone really pissed! I must say, this was an incredible moment. We haven’t seen Saitama this serious ever before.

    After seeing Genos dead by the hands of Garou, Saitama has seemingly lost all the cool and is all up for his “Killer Moves”. One thing that really got me was the moment when One Punch Man started questioning his hero instincts.

    Enraged Saitama hitting Garou with Serious Punch

    Saitama felt sentimental when he remembered Genos admiring his master for always being on time. However, Saitama negated those remarks and stated that he “usually arrive too late“. Imagine, how hurtful it would be for Saitama as he remembers this while holding the heart of his closest friend while yet again arriving late at the scene.

    In the end we see Saitama is all raged and proceeded to hit a Serious Punch with even deadlier looks on Garou who has once again activated his Saitama Mode and gone for the very same attack.

    Blast worries that the energy that is being created will shatter the Earth.


    Before we end One Punch Man Chapter 166 discussion, here are some bonus points.

    • Bang was willing to face radiations and die in order to stop Garou.
    • Child Emperor started to lose hair due to extreme radiation.
    • Flashy Flash is tough as he remained in consciousness while the majority other fell.
    • Look at King! This might be the cutest moment when King was seen covering Fubuki and Tatsumaki. Not only that, but he was also conscious while heroes like Zombie Man and Amai Mask were down. Luck? We don’t think so.
    • What was with the rain? It was a black rain formed due to nuclear explosions in the sky.
    King covering Fubuki and Tatsumaki with his shirt

    What’s Next?

    All in all, One Punch Man Chapter 166 was amazing. I think that now Saitama has gone serious, he will beat the hell out of Garou. Blast will likely try to save the planet and the heroes. Perhaps, he would also send both Saitama and Garou in other dimension, so they may not damage Earth and may unleash their full powers far off somewhere in the galaxy. And now, may be, we will finally see the most awaited table flip move of Saitama that was quite popular in the webcomics.

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