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    One Punch Man Chapter 165 Discussion: Saitama got punched by Cosmic Garou!

    One Punch Man Chapter 165 is out and we can’t be more excited. I must say it was one of the best chapters in the manga. In fact, the whole monster arc was just amazing. Previously, we covered Chapter 164 in our discussion series but that chapter was redrawn by Murata for unknown reasons. We are glad that he considered changing the plot as now One Punch Man is heading towards a great plot and some previously skipped action sequences. Before, we begin One Punch Man Chapter 165 discussion, the obvious should be noted, that this post contains spoilers.

    Also, do check out our other anime categories like Fan Art and Cosplay as I am sure that you will find tons of relevant content there. That said, let’s jump right into the analysis.

    Garou punches Saitama!

    Garou punches Saitama

    We all have been waiting for Garou vs Saitama but we never knew that Garou would become so strong that he will be on par with the One Punch Man himself. That page where Saitama seems shocked when Garou instantly launches his Nuclear Fission attack was a rare sight.

    Not just that but Garou was able to perfectly copy Saitama’s Consecutive Normal Punches and even hit him! It has been a long while since we have seen Saitama being hit. Last time, it was Boros who did that.

    Speaking of Boros, there has been a debate that Boros is stronger than Garou as he has the ability to destroy planets but Garou is just a human or even in his monster form, he wasn’t equal to Boros’ powers. But now in my opinion, I believe Garou has surpassed Boros. First, his punches are now nuclear level threats even though he has just started.

    And second, his Gamma Ray Burst attack – as the manga mentioned – is close to the strongest explosive force in the entire universe. Therefore, Garou has already reached Cosmic level and suprassed Boros.

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    Garou vs S Class

    Garou stands in front of heroes

    One of the major complaint of the recent chapters was that the One Punch Man manga deviated from the webcomic as Garou vs S Class – a popular fight in webcomic – never happened in the manga. But after reading Chapter 165 of One Punch Man, it seems the show is about to start.

    Flashy Flash and Zombie Man

    Garou has reached the spot where majority of S class heroes are present. The heroes can’t help and nor will they try to do so. As Garou has already made up his mind to act upon his idea of Absolute Evil and is heading to the survivors, the heroes will intervene.

    Cosmic Garou Origin

    One Punch Man Chapter 165 also shed light on the origin of Garou’s new form, which is being referred as Cosmic Garou. Previously, we were under the pressure that Garou willingly accepted the mysterious figure that is currently being called God.

    Cosmic Garou

    This led many to suspect that Garou had weak will and that he bent down to the supreme villain just like Homeless Emperor. But it seems that wasn’t the case. Garou actually denied the help of God and knew that it wasn’t Bang that was offering the help.

    Nonetheless, he end up getting the new powers as he touched the villain’s hand. Even though, Garou thinks that he is not in the influence of God and is free to do anything. I think that’s not the case. In my opinion, Garou just thinks that he hasn’t become a puppet but I suspect he doesn’t know he has become one.

    Psykos is Alive


    Before we wrap up, it is worth mentioning that the Psykos is still alive. We don’t know that what her character would bring to the plot after this arc but it is interesting to know that a main villain is still breathing. Not to mention, even though she lost to Tatsumaki, she still posses great powers and can create havoc if she gets the chance. But let’s see what happens.

    Final Words

    All in all, this chapter was amazing. Garou vs Saitama has become very thrilling. We are glad that Garou is back to his normal size and that we are about to see Garou’s clash the S Class heroes.

    As far as Saitma is concerned, well even though he took a blow, we all know the he will come back and finish the job. He is One Punch Man after all.

    That’s all on One Punch Man Chapter 165 discussion and analysis. For more content on Anime and Manga, keep following Retrology.

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