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    One Piece Chapter 1113 sparks a new theory regarding Roger’s plan

    Global Warning turned into Global Warming

    One Piece Chapter 1113 has recently been released and it has left fans in shock, excitement, and a lot of wonder. There are a lot of theories going here and there as Oda has finally unveiled a major secret about the world of One Piece. Before I continue, it should be noted that this post contains major spoilers about One Piece.

    For the past couple of chapters, fans have been wanting to hear what Vegapunk had to reveal in his video message. This video message was initiated only when the main body of Dr. Vegapunk died apparently. In the introductory section of the video, the scientist mentioned that in the broadcast he would be unveiling some secrets about the world, and that greatly concerned the World Government. So much, that all Five Elders gathered on Egghead to hunt Vegapunk down and stop the broadcast.

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    However, in One Piece Chapter 1113, Gorosei failed to stop the transmission (at least for now) and Vegapunk revealed a major secret to the world. “The whole world is going to sink in the ocean”! This new reveal has left me and the rest of the community in utter shock as nobody expected the message to start with something like this. This one sentence alone has shaken the entirety of One Piece’s lore as many things have now come to make sense.

    I won’t be discussing all the theories as it would take a lot more words but I am surely interested in discussing some theories going around Gol D. Roger’s crew. Now, all of what I am going to say, take it as a pinch of salt because these are just theories.

    Roger’s Plan

    Now that it is revealed that the world of One Piece is going to sink, many fans have speculated that when Gol D. Roger announced about the One Piece, he had a very particular goal in mind. That goal was to indirectly prepare the whole world for this ultimate disaster by inspiring them to set sail to the sea. Roger had seen One Piece and most likely knew about the world sinking situation but he couldn’t do anything about it maybe because it wasn’t the right time. So, instead what he did was force start the ‘Age of Pirates’ that automatically resulted in people building more ships and heading to the sea.

    In other words, without revealing anything, Roger cleverly managed to help thousands if not millions of people around the world. Because he knew if the world sank, the world would need boats, ships, sailors, navigators, and maybe pirates.

    One thing that also highlights that Roger and his crew knew about this secret is because how the crew went on to live their lives after Roger’s death. For example, Crocus who was the doctor of Roger Pirates, went on to live inside a whale. Rayleigh, the right hand of Roger ended up becoming the ship’s coating mechanic at the Sabaody Archipelago. Shanks, who doesn’t know what One Piece has also made sure that all of his crewmates have no Devil Fruit powers so they don’t drown when the world sinks in the ocean.

    Some of this sounds seem unlikely but not all of it. Judging from the location of Mary Geoise and the existence of Noah in One Piece, it can be clearly said that Oda has been staging this reveal for a long time.

    Chapter 1113 has surely left us wanting more but there is a break next week. Let’s see what Oda cooks for the next chapters when the full message of the Vegapunk gets revealed – if it gets to be revealed. Till then, keep visiting Retrology.

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