Will Smith Chris Rock Memes Part 2 – You will love these!

    Will Smith’s response to Chris Rock at The 94th Annual Academy Awards (held on Sunday, 27th March) is definitely one of the most talked-about moments of the event. Additionally, the reaction of Will Smith has caused a flood of memes all over the internet. Now once again, hold yourselves tight, for the Will Smith Chris Rock Memes Part 2.

    I wonder, what are his ratings?

    The favorite Action figure of my kid.

    Trial classes starting soon, enrol NOW!

    “Didn’t see that coming” NOT

    Does that count as being bipolar?

    Pretty sure everyone will find his jokes “jokes” and not disrespect

    Every single morning.

    Can’t wait for next year’s Oscars.

    If yk, yk!

    Wanna play a game?

    It’s quite a rare sight to see such controversies happening at a particular event. Thus, it might take a while now for us to see something like this happen again. Therefore, be ready to face a storm of memes on the internet for a week or so. Along with a whole bunch of new meme templates. That is all for Part 2. For Best Will Smith hits Chris Rock memes (Part 1), or for more entertainment, Keep following Retrology.

    Rehan Muzammil
    Rehan Muzammil
    A gaming and film enthusiast who loves to guide, discuss and share his ideas/views on Retrology. On the side, also a business student.


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