NewsWill Smith’s Uncensored Response To Chris Rock - The Slap and F-bomb

    Will Smith’s Uncensored Response To Chris Rock – The Slap and F-bomb

    Will Smith’s uncensored response to Chris Rock at the recent Oscars is fueling the media, and the issue is burning up. Apparently, the actor smacked the comedian and dropped the F-bomb as the latter made a joke. It was about Jada Pinkett Smith, the actor’s wife.

    During the telecast of the Oscars, Chris Rock took to the stage to present the best documentary award. In an attempt at mockery, the comedian first cracks a joke about Javier Bardem and his wife Penelope Cruz who were both nominees for the Oscars. He implies that if Bardem’s wife loses, there is no way he can make a win thus putting him in a complex situation.

    Furthermore, Chris Rock moves on to making a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head. He refers to her hairstyle as being similar to that of Actress Demi Moore in the movie G.I. Jane – shaved.

    However, Will Smith did not take this joke very lightly and went on stage to deliver a slap to Chris Rock. Trying to lighten the mood and keep the situation under control, the comedian then jokes about the slap too. It all appears to be fairly going as per the script. However, from among the audience, Will Smith shouts at the comedian to keep his wife’s name out of his mouth. Moreover, the uncensored video has very clear audio of Will Smith dropping the F-bomb on Chris Rock. And he says that twice!

    Will Smith’s Uncensored Response To Chris Rock
    via Page Six

    Will Smith’s Uncensored Response To Chris Rock’s Joke – The Slap

    Will Smith’s uncensored response to Chris Rock is now catching the eye of a huge audience across various platforms like youtube. It is now being referred to as ‘The Slap’ and is subject to memes across the internet. 

    It is worthy of note here that Jada Pinkett Smith suffers from alopecia which is a condition that causes hair loss. The actor Will Smith later won the award for the best actor as regards his role in the movie “King Richard”. In what might have been an extension of the slap that he had delivered before, Smith praises his characters’ role. He said that his inspiration was that he is a fierce defender of his family. 

    The reaction is now subject to memes across the internet and is spreading at quite a speed. 

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    Watch the full moment below:

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