EntertainmentTVStar Wars Visions Review: A must-watch show for Star Wars fans

    Star Wars Visions Review: A must-watch show for Star Wars fans

    It’s strange when you realize that one of the best Star Wars content is non-canon and has almost nothing to do with the original movie and TV makers. Yes, I am talking about the acclaimed show Star Wars Visions. To me, personally, Visions is a must-watch show for every Star Wars fan, and I will explain why.

    For those who don’t know, Star Wars Visions is an anthology series set in the universe of Star Wars but with almost entirely new characters and stories. The first season was created by several Japanese studios that include the names like Production I.G, Trigger, and more. Meanwhile, the next season that was recently announced will be animated by renowned studios from all over the globe now.

    Before I begin, it should be noted that this Star Wars Visions review contains no spoilers. So, read the blog without any worry of getting spoiled.

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    Art Style

    One of the best things about Star Wars Visions was that each episode had a completely different art style. For example, “The Duel” featured a dark and gritty style while “Tatooine Rhapsody” felt like a traditional anime with chibi-like characters.

    Watching the Star Wars universe from such different perspectives and art forms was truly a very refreshing and fun experience for me.

    Character Designs

    Another thing I loved about Star Wars Visions is its character designs. Since each episode is made by a different studio, we can easily see the difference in the way each episode’s characters are designed.

    To name a few, I really liked the female Sith Lord from the episode “The Duel,” the twin siblings from the episode “The Twins”, and the former old Sith Lord in the episode, “The Elder”. And there are plenty more that I liked a lot too.

    There is a variety of ways the characters are designed in Visions. Some you will find cute and chibi-like, some you will find resemble characters from Gurren Lagan, and some just look and feel completely unique.

    Lightsaber Duels

    The lightsaber duels are also something I want to highlight. Star Wars fights in anime style were surely a bliss to watch. After Kenobi’s final fight between Vader and Obi-Wan, I liked Star Wars Visions lightsaber duels the most.

    Not just that, but the way some lightsabers are designed is really cool. For example, some sabers look more like a traditional Japanese Katana rather than a conventional lightsaber. Seeing my favorite fictional weapons in different styles was an entertaining experience.


    Last but certainly not least, the stories themselves are very good. While not all are equally good. Each one has something to offer, and most of them will leave you satisfied in the end.

    It’s very hard for me to select my top favorite, but “The Ninth Jedi” was one that really got me shaken with its twist.

    And even though people didn’t like “Akakiri” that much, I, on the other hand, loved that episode for both its story and soundtrack. Hence, I can only say it all depends on one’s personal preference that which episodes they will like more than others.

    If I summarize my Star Wars Visions review, I would say that despite being a non-canon show, it’s a must-watch. So, if you are still wondering about trying the show. Don’t waste any more time and go watch it asap.

    Star Wars Visions Season 2 will start airing on 4th May 2023 (of course). For its episodic reviews and coverage, keep following Retrology.

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