NewsWill Smith apologizes to Chris Rock for mistreatment at the Oscars

    Will Smith apologizes to Chris Rock for mistreatment at the Oscars

    Will Smith apologizes over Instagram for his mistreatment of the comedian, Chris Rock, at the Oscars of 2022. The actor who received an award for the best actor for his role in King Richard admits that he was out of line.

    What first appears to be a scripted joke by Chris Rock leads to a slap. Moreover, the smack that Will Smith delivered to Chris Rock’s head has been catching fire over the internet overnight. It also leads to the act being subject to memes across the internet community. 

    Furthermore, as seen in an airing of the Oscars on international television, Chris Rock refers to Jada Pinkett Smith as G.I. Jane. It was an attempt at mockery about her shaved head. Clearly, Will Smith did not take it lightly, thus the reaction. What the comedian could have missed is that the actor’s wife suffers from a condition called alopecia, thus the shaved head. 

    After smacking Chris Rock, the actors then proceed to shout at the comedian from among the audience. He is captured dropping the F-bomb in an uncensored video. 

    Will Smith Apologizes For The Slap

    The actor took to Instagram to apologize for his behavior. He clearly offers a public apology to Chris and says that he was out of line and wrong for behaving in such a manner. He also expresses embarrassment and states very clearly that violence is not the answer to anything. 

    Moreover, Will Smith also apologizes to the Academy and everyone attending the event. He mentions that his act was a spoiler for the attendees, thus he is deeply sorry about his behavior.

    All we have to see now is if the community of memers who took the internet wildly would spare the actor or not. The issue is still burning up amid clarifications and apologies.

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