NewsChris Rock didn't know about Jada Pinkett's disease, claims Diddy

    Chris Rock didn’t know about Jada Pinkett’s disease, claims Diddy

    Chris Rock and Will Smith have settled the feud, or so claims Diddy.

    Chris Rock was unaware of Jada Pinkett Smith’s condition of alopecia which causes hair loss. Following his joke at the Oscars 2022 referring to Jada as G.I.Jane led to a slap from Will Smith. The actor further shouted from among the audience at Chris Rock to not take his wife’s name. Moreover, he even dropped the F-bomb quite generously. 

    Following this feud, Chris Rock and Will Smith have become top-notch content for memes over the last couple of hours. Reportedly, the comedian Chris Rock was not aware of the fact that Jada Pinkett Smith suffers from alopecia. It is a condition that causes hair loss, where chunks of hair are shed from the head. 

    However, it comes as quite shocking news that Chris Rock would be unaware of Jada Smith’s condition. She has been reportedly open about the diagnosis since the year 2018. Her talks clearly suggest that she accepts the condition and keeps her head shaved, despite the emotional challenges that come herewith. 

    Chris Rock and Will Smith Go Way Back

    Sean Combs, who goes by his stage name ‘Diddy’ has said that Chris Rock and Will Smith have settled the feud. The American rapper reportedly told Page Six that he can confirm the feud between the two is over. “They are brothers”, he said.

    Diddy took the liberty of taking due advantage of the stage time he received. He was on stage to commemorate the half-century anniversary of The Godfather at the Oscars. Observing the tense situation, Diddy suggests on-stage that Will and Smith resolve the matter like family and move on. 

    Amidst the shocking realization that Chris Rock was unaware of Jada Smith’s condition, many explanations have surfaced. While Diddy says that the comedian, as well as the actor and his wife, are over the matter, there appears to be more to it.

    However, this is not the first time that Chris Rock and the Smiths have argued. Back in 2016, he made fun of the couple for not attending the Oscars to support the #OscarsSoWhite movement. 

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