EntertainmentMangaTokyo Revengers Chapter 255 Discussion: Will Kakucho survive?

    Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255 Discussion: Will Kakucho survive?

    Tokyo Revengers is a manga written by Ken Wakui and adapted into an anime by the same name. The story follows Takemitchi, living a miserable life, whose ex-girlfriend is killed by the notorious Tokyo Manji Gang. After being pushed in front of a train, he finds himself 12 years in the past when he was still dating her. He makes up his mind to join the Tokyo Manji and prevent her death at all costs.

    However, after joining Toman in the past, he finds out an alarming truth. The people who killed his ex-girlfriend in the future are not so ruthless and merciless after all. Takemitchi has to get to the bottom of what caused them to change and must make sure it doesn’t happen. We will be discussing the latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers, Chapter 255, here. There will be spoilers, thus, it is advised not to read if you aren’t caught up with the manga.

    Sanzu’s loyalty

    tokyo revengers chapter 255
    Sanzu jumps towards Takemitchi.

    Sanzu was the fifth division vice-captain of Toman under Yasuhiro Muto. Even though Sanzu trusted Yasuhiro Muto a lot, he killed him once he found out that he had betrayed Mikey. Mikey and Sanzu were childhood friends which could explain his loyalty towards him. However, Mikey was also the person who had slit open his mouth when they were just kids after Senju accused him of breaking the plane that Shinichiro had gifted Mikey.

    One would assume that there existed some degree of animosity between Mikey and Sanzu. Yet, in this chapter, it was made clear that Sanzu was blindly loyal to Mikey. Although his plan to run the train off its tracks would cause casualties to both sides, he stated that he didn’t care about the well-being of anyone besides Mikey.

    Sanzu had even brought a sword into the fight with Hanagaki and Kakucho. The use of weapons is usually not considered fair in gang fights like these and we see the consequences Pah-chin faces because of using them.

    Kakucho’s fate

    tokyo revengers chapter 255
    Kakucho and Sanzu fight.

    Kakucho and Takemitchi were childhood friends but got separated when his parents died in an accident and he was sent to an orphanage. At the orphanage, he had met Izana and they were able to bond really well. He had followed him till Izana’s death. Though at death’s door himself, Kakucho was able to survive his injuries during the battle with Toman.

    Now, Kakucho, although in Kanto Manji, resolved to fight for Takemitchi. He is known for his fighting prowess as he was the strongest in Tenjiku. But with his opponent wielding a weapon, he has already suffered from grave injuries.

    Knowing that the mangaka isn’t afraid of sacrificing characters, it’s hard to tell if Kakucho will really live or not. We’re all waiting for the next chapter to see the fate that awaits him. If he does live, we’d like to see what he does after the battle ends. Will he join Toman with Takemitchi or settle for a different life.

    That’s all for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 255, you can also check out our Tokyo Revengers Chapter 254 discussion. For more anime content, stay tuned to Retrology.

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